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Monday, 7 November 2011

Branding your Blog

I read a very useful post about author marketing, which made the stonkingly good point that when people visit your site they should be able to see immediately what it is about. Thankfully mine does.

It also pointed out that as an author site it should clearly show which genre(s) that author is writing, which mine didn't really do until now...
I have updated my banner, Writer's CV and Published Stuff pages and added a new page entitled Romance.


How about you? Does your blog clearly show the genre(s) you write?

Do you like to visit sites that have a clear brand/ theme?

Oh and here are my Limericks for this week's Limerick Off

Ms. Kane sets the first line of the limerick each week and the rest is up to you:

A woman was famous worldwide
For being the oldest girl guide
Though her uniform altered
Her faith never faltered
And she wore all her badges with pride
A woman was famous worldwide
For being a runaway bride
When tying the knot
She said “I do NOT!”
And then ran at full pelt to her hide.

A fellow was famous worldwide
For allowing the economy to slide
He was slothful and reckless
Unutterably feckless
‘Cause he used his PM as his guide.

A fellow was famous worldwide
For being incredibly snide
His sarcastic encounters
Reduced big burly bouncers
To a state that was quite sissified

And my honorary mentioned limerick:
A fellow was famous worldwide
For being incredibly wide
When his doctor said “No!
All this blubber must go.”
He considered his options were fried.


  1. Hi Madeleine .. I agree and am not sure mine is exactly - but for what it is I can't easily change now. Though a new blog I'd be more aware and would act accordingly.

    Love the limericks .. always loved those - thanks and have a good week - Hilary

  2. You're on fire this week with those limericks :-)

  3. Love, love, love your limericks - the PM guide one was most brilliant!! Yay!!!

    I have to confess - I don't so much read the blurb of blogs but go first for how pretty it looks! Oh dear!

    Take care

  4. I really only state that I write fantasy in my profile. Don't know if I should get that more front and center. I do have a Current Projects page that shows what I'm working on, but not many people notice it.

    Loved the limericks. :D

  5. Now that you mention it...I don't think mine does.

    I think a little redecorating is in order. Thanks!!!

    Loved the limericks too.

  6. I write all different kinds of things, so I don't bother with branding. I'm not anywhere close to being published anyway. I started my blog to connect with other writers, which I have so it's been a success!

    I like your blog's autumn background, Madeleine! It's so pretty.

  7. Nope, mine doesn't show the genre. I figured I'd update my site later. I'm not even certain I'll be publishing under my real name ;)

  8. I think mine does show what genre I write in. Both sites.

    Genre, etc .. does not matter to me in visiting blogs. It's more about the person.

  9. I'm of the opinion that less is more.

    The only two objectives I have on my blog is that people read my posts, and buy my books. I try to make it easy to do both. :)

  10. Hi Madeleine..the limericks are awesome. My blog does not show the genre I write. Its a good point to work on.

  11. I agree, branding on your blog is very important! I tried to make my blog background express my brand and genre of writing. The header includes my name front and center too, and I have the fact that I write YA sci fi plastered on the main page and on nearly every other page too!

    Great post, and great reminder.

  12. Hi Madeleine: I've been thinking of a complete makeover on my blog over the holidays and now you make it crucial. I guess when we start blogging we don't really know what we're doing, so our early set up often doesn't reflect what we really want to say.

    Your blog is awesome and something to attain to.


  13. So glad you enjoyed the Limerick Frenzy Hilary, Old Kitty, LG, rachna, Sarah, Marsha.

    Good points Lynda, Maria, Old Kitty, Mary, Laura
    LG, you gave me a great idea for a blog post and a big smile and a chuckle.

    Denise, bless you thank you!

    Shallee, Marsha, Rachna I too love regularly spring cleaning mine and giving it a fresh coat of paint.

  14. Not really . . . I mention that I write in my blog's tagline, but I don't mention Science Fiction or Fantasy, which are the two main genres I usually write in. My blog doesn't really have just a single theme; writing is central, but it's not the only thing I post about. I've considered splitting into another blog, but I like my blog the way it is at the moment. :P

    I love the limericks!

  15. That's excellent advice. I don't think my blog does clearly show what I write. I'll have to fix that!

  16. Hmm... My blog clearly shows that I WRITE (it's in big letters on my banner), but WHAT I write may not be as clear. I've written in the little box under my picture what I write, but since the writing is small, someone may skip over that part...

  17. Mine does. I have a teen in the banner of my blog. I write YA. :D


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