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Monday 31 October 2011

Slippery Limericks

Hop over to Madeleine Kane's Blog to join in with the Limerick Off.
Maybe you're not a fan of Limericks? I'd love to know.

Ms. Kane sets the first line of the limerick each week and the rest is up to you:

Here's mine

A fellow who just let it slip
That his marriage was merely a blip
Had to run for his life
From his long-suffering wife
Who was wielding a broom and whip
A fellow who just let it slip
That he liked nothing more than to strip
Was arrested one day
With his parts on display
When he failed to remember his zip


  1. LOL!!! These are great!! You've certainly brightened up my Monday!! Hoorah!! LOL! Take care

  2. Thanks Old Kitty
    I have a feeling that Limericks aren't everyone's cup of tea, as I get so few comments. Or maybe these are just too raunchy! LOL!

  3. HA! Well done on your limericks. They are great fun.

  4. Hi Madeleine!
    This will be useful. I have a student doing limericks ATM.

    Popped by to say you are our Featured Writer this week. Come by and catch up on all the latest at RFWer!

    Denise <3

  5. These made me laugh. I suck at rhyming or poetry , so am always envious of others who can write in the genre :)

  6. I'm no good at poetry of any sort, but I love reading yours!

  7. I just love reading your poetry, Madeleine. These are funny :)

  8. I love it. If you must write a limerick they might as well be a tad naughty. :) And yours rock!!

  9. Brilliant! I love both of them. Can just picture the guy running from a whip-wielding wife...

  10. Great limericks! I might have to share them with my students -- we're in the middle of a poetry (in all its forms) unit. =]

  11. Thank you one and all.

    Yes please do, Milo. LOL!

  12. You certainly have a way with words :-)


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