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Tuesday 13 September 2011

Worst Movies Ever Blogfest

For some inexplicable reason this has posted a week early. Aaargh! As I already have a few comments I will leave it here and refer to it again on the blogfest day. 
Blogfest hosted by Alex J Cavanagh 

Okay just to say I am sorry if any of my comments offend anyone who loves any of these films, but they just didn't do it for me.

So which will I include here?

The Legend of Boggy Creek. I saw this when I was 10 yrs old at a drive-in movie theatre in Canada. Then I saw it on TV as an adult and it didn't hold up to scruntiny. Even the apparently petrified tracker dogs were happily wagging their tails.
I loathe films that are all action crashing cars, explosions, shooting and no real story and those with a thin uncomplicated story line and those which draw themselves out 'like pulling hens teeth', as my Pa would say.

And who could endure the 1990 version of Lorna Doone starring a very young Clive Owen and a very young Sean Bean? It is full of disjointed scenes which very poorly convey the sentiments of the story.

 Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson. Now don't get me wrong I loved him in Twilight and Harry Potter, but this film is seriously depressing and dull.

Then there's Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfried and a host of other well known actors.
The best bit was when we discovered who was the wolf. The plot was very thin.

And Atonment with James McAvoy (one of my fav actors) and Keira Knightley (whom I also like). I'm afraid for me the book and the film were as long drawn out as a bad bout of toothache.

The English Patient, at the end of which my hubby exclaimed "And this won seven oscars!" (which pretty much summed up how I felt about it... another bout of toothache) His comment cracked me up!

I am Legend. Again I probably love all of Will Smith's other films, but this one was diabolocal! It had no meat on its bones for me.


  1. I didn't even finish watching I am Legend, and I love Will Smith.

  2. Soooo...I've never seen any of these movies (sad, I know). Thanks for saving me money!

    And don't feel bad for not liking something that someone else does. The best part of the entertainment (and writing!) industry is that it's so subjective. Okay, maybe not the best part, but it's pretty cool.

  3. Oh noes! I loved the English Patient and thought the first three quarters of I am Legend were really good! Yikes!! :-) Take care

  4. I'm glad I didn't see most of those films!

  5. Darn! I was hoping Red Riding Hood would be good.

  6. I was lucky I borrowed Legend and English Patient from the library lost no money by not watching the whole movie.

  7. I am really glad that I didn't see most of these movies.

  8. LOL. We've all posted something early at some point!

    The only film I can pass comment on is I Am Legend, as I haven't seen any of the others. I watched rather begrudgingly, and hated it. Why do movie studios think remaking classics such as The Omega Man is a good idea? Is it just a cash cow for them?

  9. I actually really liked Remember Me. I guess it just depends on what kind of movie you like - it's so subjective. And Rob Pattinson never hurts, either. :)

  10. I've never watched any of these movies . . . and after reading this, I'm glad I haven't! :P

  11. I had high hopes for I Am Legend, and it started out so strong only to falter and collapse with a whimper. All the CG zombies didn't help matters either.

  12. Out of these six films I've seen three: Remember Me, Red Riding Hood, and Atonement. And I did like them, LoL! Oh well. Art is subjective afterall!

  13. Thanks for telling me what movies to avoid! I don't believe I've seen any of them.

    Hubby Mark tried to get me to see both Legend and English Patient, but I talked him out of it. I was sure I'd hate them. :)

  14. Haha, have you ever seen the Seinfeld when Elaine goes to see the English Patient and can't stand it, but everyone else loves it? You could probably relate to her quite well there.

  15. I want to nominate Drop Dead Fred. I saw it once as a kid and it's awfulness has stuck with me ever since.

  16. You jumped the gun! But that's okay-we get a preview of next week's fest. I'm glad to see The English Patient on your list. I have it on mine too and was afraid I'd probably get lots of flack for that choice.
    My list should post on 9/19 if my scheduling goes right.

    Tossing It Out

  17. I heard really bad things about Remember Me - too bad. I don't mind Robert Pattinson.

  18. agree on most and i know many arent sci fi geeks, so i understand, but i liked i am legend, except that his dog died =(

  19. Hadn't even heard of a few of those. Knew better than to watch Red Riding Hood. But I liked Atonement. :)

  20. I certainly had a hard time getting through Atonement.

  21. How funny that you included 'The English Patient.' :)

  22. I had heard about many people not being happy with 'The English Patient.'

    Thanks for the Award. I am wondering how I missed that post.

  23. Wow. I will never watch The English Patient. I've seen that on so many lists! I was also considering renting Red Riding Hood, but I think I'll skip it.


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