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Thursday 8 September 2011

Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow!

I've just visited a great blog that is painfully slow to load and flips about all over the place when I try to leave a comment.

So I thought I'd check in with you all

I temporarily set up a poll in the side bar to see if my blog has been driving anyone bonkers.

Is it easy to leave a comment?
Load pages? etc. etc.

I know I sometimes have video clips and animated gifs in my posts
AND I do have an animated slide show gif on the sidebar, but I haven't added any other such things as I know they are the most responsible for the loading and bouncing away from the comments and verification problems (like a yoyo on acid) that other sites have.

Thank you for letting me know.


  1. I hope its not mine...You'd let me know if it was mine, right?

    Yours is perfect.

  2. You know we're all going to worry now don't you? :-)

    I have no problem whatsoever with your blog :-)

  3. Hi Madeleine .. all fine here .. and as I have nothing on mine but posts - should be ok! Some are horrendously slow .. too clever by half and therefore not terribly helpful! Keeping it simple is so much better .. cheers for now - Hilary

  4. Slow downloads drive me insane. I generally stop commenting on the blog and just read them on my reader.

    Yours took several seconds, but not bad. If I remember correctly, yours used to take longer to load. The more graphics you use, the longer it takes.

  5. Loading up your blog on my pc is just fine! Take care

  6. I know exactly what you're talking about - that drives me nuts too! But your blog loads quite quickly - I voted on your sidebar.

  7. No, the page loaded up just fine. The only sites my computer has a problem with are the ones that use video clips or gif.

  8. I'm pretty sure my blogs drive readers bonkers - possible for other reasons, though! :)

  9. Thanks for your comments and votes. I do use video clips and lots of pics, but the animated sidebar attachments are the things that affect the functioning of blogs and I only have one of those in the form of my blog awards slideshow gif. I guess I can take the poll away now as it all seems ok. Phew! :O)

  10. I can't say you're blog has given me any speed or performance problems. I can read and comment with no issues.

  11. Yours is very easy to comment on. Although I'd get rid of the word verification thing. It isn't needed with blogger's built-in spam filter.

  12. Nope, your blog is all good with no pesky jumping around or slow loading. It's easy to read and is a pleasure to visit.

    You do use word verifications on your comments, though and, while it's not a big issue for me, I know a lot of bloggers don't like that. The spam filters are exceptionally good these days so the verifications aren't that necessary.

  13. It's as great as always!

  14. Ooh, a poll is a good idea. I've never had a problem loading yours. I'll have to have someone check mine!

  15. Your page loaded just fine for me. :)

    We're in the same Literary Fiction group of crusaders. :)

  16. Thanks everyone. As far as word verification goes I have had some slip through the net so I put it back periodically to throw them off the scent, hopefully!


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