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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Raw Haiku

This week, Jenn at www.youknowthatblog.com had given us free reign to choose our own theme.

This time I haven't included the accompanying images, so that you can savour these words, raw, without the visual seasoning.
So what's my theme?

I shall end with an amusing anecdote which reminded me of this public service announcement on UK TV


The other day our 2yr old cat, Borage, came in from outside and like an excited toddler, started telling me a long story about how he was caught in a heavy rain shower and that he was very wet. When he failed to get my attention as I tapped the keyboard he said a whole lot more and so I  had to dry him off and then he was happy, but he wouldn’t stop meowing about it until I did. It was the funniest thing!


  1. Do you know how many 'Charlie says' clips I ended up watching? :-)

    Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

  2. I love your haiku's and I really enjoyed your story. Cat's are like that aren't they. Such personalities.

  3. Great haiku! I have a cat, as well. Hermione. She talks to me each morning and in the afternoon, it's like she's telling me about her day. So funny.

  4. love the kitty Haiku, first one is a fave!

  5. I loved all the haiku! The first is my favorite too.

  6. Love the anecdote about your cat (what a cute name, too!). My cat does the same. Whenever he comes in, usually starving, he doesn't start eating till he's finished his story. So sweet!

  7. Great kitty cat haikus. I could never master the darn things. And kitties should be dried off from the rain. They do hate water. :)

  8. Hi Madeleine..I really love your Haikus. One day Lady, you have to teach me how to write them :)

  9. The "paradox" 'ku is a great one!

  10. My good friends cat is very conversational... I always say I go to visit him not her!

  11. Fellow campaigner (historical fiction/literary) touching base with new friends. Hi from Australia.

  12. I love the first one! Its *is* such a paradox.

    Have a great weekend!

  13. I loved the sticky notes. I'd never seen anyone use them on a blog before.

    Also, I've chosen you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    If you opt to participate please go to my blog for details.
    You have an amazing blog!


  14. I stopped by to congratulate you for your Honorable Mention in last week's Limerick-Off! Great job! Limerick of the Week 27

  15. He's completely bald? How is it you have a bald cat?? :)

    Love your endearing cat tales (haha)

    I used to have a 25lb cat who was so prissy that if she got her feet wet she'd sit in front of me with her toes spread so I could dry in between them.

  16. Ah Jenn I was thinking of a Devon Rex. No I don't have a bald cat. Yours sounds purrfectly lovely.


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