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Friday 19 August 2011

Wise Words and Turning Points

While I've been on my week off I've been catching up on my novel films reads and I can now add:

The Adjustment Bureau by Philip K Dick
Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
About a Boy by Nick Hornby

So impressed have I been by About A Boy, (which I feel demonstrates a rite of passage not only for the 12 yr old Marcus, but also the 36 yr old Will), I decided to check out Nick Hornby's website in which he talks about the turning point in his writing career.

The line that stood out for me was:

'I hadn't done enough reading, not of the things I wanted to emulate, so it took me a while, a long while...'

This is something I have been thinking about recently myself that I need to read much, much more to immerse myself in the genres I wish to emmulate.

Do you feel sufficiently well read to write your own best seller? Have you had a turning point?

D'oh for some reason I thought it was Saturday today!

This week has helped me make a decision to resurrect a short story that I wrote in 2010 and make it into a novella. I shall therefore be researching not only historical styles of writing, but also madness in order to flesh out the original 2,000 word story to 6, 000 - 8,000 word novella length.

If anyone knows of any MCs they have read who were characterised by madness, I would be interested to hear about them.


  1. I think my problem like my reading is that my reading is very very eclectic. So I have no focus or discipline in either! LOL!

    It's a great quote though from the fab Mr Hornby! Take care

  2. Hi Madeleine .. I'm desperately unread .. on the other hand with a little help from blogging friends I am at least reading!

    No not Saturday .. that's tomorrow up here! Good luck with your madness look arounds ..

    Cheers Hilary

  3. I tend to enjoy reading literary and historical novels, but have chosen to write speculative fiction. And sure enough, people who read my novel tell me it reads like an historical (though it is set in a primitive future). So I suppose what we read does influence what we write.

  4. 'I hadn't done enough reading, not of the things I wanted to emulate,'

    This stuns me speechless.

  5. Old Kitty - eclectic is also good because it means your influences are varied and rich.

    Hilary- Your blog looks like you are very much well read.

    LG - interesting, yes I think what we read and the Tv we watch definitely influences us.

    Suze- How so? They say to be a good writer you must read lots.

  6. I'm rereading a lot at the moment. Sadly, I'm not able to get my hands on much new stuff right now so I know I'm not well read enough. Doesn't stop me writing though :)

  7. Best wishes on the Novella. It seems I don't have as much time as I like to read, and it's such an important part of writing. I guess I'll just move forward and keep on trying. :)

  8. I do read lots, Maddie. Lots and lots and lots. Never without a book. It's just that perhaps 90% of it is non-fiction.

  9. I'm a slow reader, but one of these days I plan to be well-read. =]

  10. I read, read, read. I started with cereal boxes (maybe that's why I gravitate to mystery/thriller).

    don't think I've run across an MC like yours but I'm anxious to meet yours. Get writing!

  11. I read (and write) across genres so I like to think that I've had several turning points. I think you have to keep having them, though, so that your craft continues to improve.

    ABOUT A BOY looks fab. Will check that one out.

  12. I read a lot--but I'm not sure I'm "well-read", though, nor read enough to write a bestseller.

  13. I did not know ABOUT A BOY was first a book! I really enjoyed the movie though.
    I can't think of any MCs I've read who were mad... The only thing that springs to mind right now is FINDING ALICE, by Melody Carlson. But that character isn't mad exactly, she's schizophrenic. Don't know if that helps at all!

  14. I don't know that I will EVER be well read "enough" - yes, I read a lot but I have so much more to read!!

  15. I haven't read The Adjustment Bureau, but I just saw the movie based on it and really enjoyed it.

  16. Thanks everyone, I enjoyed your comments.

    Thanks Rachel, I shall look up Finding Alice.

    Liz- Yes I agree you do need many turning points

    Golden Eagle- I imagine you to be very well read. You seem to devour books LOL!


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