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Tuesday 9 August 2011

A whole Lotta Bloggin Going On

It's my ONE YEAR BLOGVERSARY tomorrow! So naturally I've been  reminiscing.

I started blogging because I saw the film Julia & Julia and I read writing magazines that inspired me to be a blogger. I read all the tips webpages on the do's and don't of writing blogs, which I tried to implement and  learned a few pointers that were not mentioned here, which I call Blog Etiquette.

My very first blog post In the Beginning was commented upon by one blogger: Amanda from Writing Allsorts (Hers was the very first blog I visited) Thank you Amanda.

My very first follower was Eliza from Just Twaddle who remains a follower to-date. Thank you Eliza.

While some of my early posts never got any comments, as I'm sure many of you have experienced when you started blogging, I gradually developed a faithful following, which has been an absolute delight. I am utterly staggered that I already have almost 500 followers, so I'm sure I'll be passing on the love with some giveaways in the not too distant future. This happens to be my 295th post!

I would like to say Thank YOU to you all because
without you my blog posts would drift about in cyberspace like some lonely, lost soul.

  • I love to receive comments with heart to carry around with me in my smile.
  • I love to join in the blogfests and challenges that my fellow bloggers design and to design and host my own.
  • I love receiving all those fabulous blog awards and other accolades that you so kindly present to me.
  • I love to share ideas and comments with you my fellow readers and writers.
  • I love designing and presenting my blog post pages for your delight and delectation.


Do pass round the drinks and nibbles. The food and drink are self-replenishing. 

Do leave a COMMENT, since it’s bad manners to ignore the hostess especially as she is One tomorrow!

New Follower gatecrashers are most welcome!


  1. Congratulations! I think you've done an excellent job so far, here's to the next twelve months.

    Moody Writing

  2. Happy blogger birthday! Wishing you future happiness and hundreds of new followers :)

  3. Happy blogversary! You've done really well to have so many following your lovely blog.

  4. Yeah! Congrats! Hope you have many years ahead.

  5. Awwwwwwww yay!! HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGOVERSARY!!!!

    Thank you for the nibbles and drinkies!!! Awww lovely!!!! Enjoy!
    Yay for Kermit the frog too!! take care

  6. I love Kermit. :)

    And congratulations on making it to a year! Looking forward to more haiku.

  7. Congratulations. I think you are doing a brilliant job. Happy Blogoversary :)

  8. Happy first birthday. I'm glad I found you :)

  9. Happy Blogaversary!!

    And thanks for the drinks and nibbles. Om, nom, nom.

  10. Congratulations! Job well done.

    I've always meant to tell you, your avatar makes me smile. I love it.fecathe

  11. Happy Birthday to the beautiful blog. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the next year :). You are an inspiration. 400+ followers is awesome.

  12. Hi Madeleine .. that is amazing: one year .. nearly 500 followers .. fantastic .. and usually many commenters and sharers ..

    No wonder Kermit is Yay Yaying .. and the birthday bun is so pretty and does the candle keep alight!! Looks delicious ..

    Enjoy the day .. congratulations .. Hilary

  13. Congrats on your blogger anniversary! Time does go by so fast. Awesome that you almost have 500 followers. Does it ever feel overwhelming? :)

  14. Love cyber goodies.... Thank you so much and CONGRATS on your one year Blogoversary. It is a wonderful community and the support is so amazing.

    Mine is coming up in October.... I can't believe what fantastic year it's been learning all about our blogging buddies and our journey to publication together.

  15. Congratulations! All your followers are happy you're blogging, too. :)

  16. Congratulations on a year of blogging! :)

  17. Happy Anniversary!
    Happy anniversary.
    Happy Anniversary!!
    Haaah-ppy anniversary. ;)

    Congratulations for sticking with it for a whole year, heheh.

  18. congrats on your one year birthday.


  19. Thank you everyone. I'm glad you found me and I you :O)))

  20. Happy anniversary, Madeleine!

    Hope to see many more.

  21. Congratulations! The blogasphere is a better world with you in it.

  22. 295 posts in one year is pretty cool! Congrats and wishing you many more years of blogging :)


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