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Sunday 28 August 2011

Third Writer's Platform Building Campaign

 I've signed up for Rachael Harrie's Third Writer's Platform Building Campaign again for this year. I look forward to meeting and sharing with you all, as usual.
This is me

Have you signed up yet?
For the full lists and to sign up visit Rach's site

My chosen genres & allocated groups are:  

1. Raquel Byrnes
2. Dora Hiers
3. Liz
4. The Bird
5. LAussie
6. Julie F
7. Melanie
8. Angie Cothran
9. Sheery
10. Romancer
11. Angelina Rain
12. Katie
13. Brittany
14. Joy Allen
15. Myne Whitman
16. Marcia
17. Raelyn Barclay
18. Maggie Fechner
19. Claire Robyns
20. WS - Trisha (A)
21. Vanessa Hancock
23. Bri Clark
24. Meika
25. Gwendolyn Gage
26. ebarrettwrites
27. Brynne Betz
28. A well of words

Chick Lit
1. Joy
3. ZookBook
4. missi morris
5. Melanie
6. Ru
7. Astrid Paramita
8. Kelly McClymer
9. Brittany
10. Myne Whitman
11. Nicole Basaraba
12. Cheekyness
13. Vanessa Hancock
14. Meika
15. Jen Pickrell
16. Kristy
17. Christy Farmer
19. poetry & fictio
20. A Well of words
21. Kimberly
22. TirzahLaughs

Literary Fiction
1. ZookBook
3. BelfastWriting
6. Sheri Doyle (C)
7. Melissa Sarno-C
8. Dawn Malone (C)
9. Jaye Viner
10. Myne Whitman
11. Gail (C)
12. Sophie Whitley
13. Mary Mary
14. Christy Farmer
15. poetry & fictio
16. Poetry& Fiction
18. Anna Saikin (A)
19. Brynne Betz

16. Cheree
17. Samuel D. Grey
18. ArtistAuthorMom


  1. Yay, you joined! Ooh, and a new picture I see, or has it been there a while and I just haven't noticed?

  2. This is such a cool thing, I'd love to join but have so many irons in the fire right now (including planning an upcoming writer's blogfest) I couldn't do justice to everyone else. This is a great page though, I'll be re-visiting it and looking for new writers to follow/hook-up with. :-)

  3. I like the idea of groups, to narrow the focus. I've joined three and I'm already overwhelmed --eek.

    We're not in the same group, Madeleine, but I'm a follower from the last campaign.

    There are so many great blogs out there, aren't there?

    Have a great campaign.

  4. I've joined too! I'm excited and a little nervous.

  5. Yay for all these wonderful groups! Enjoy your campaigning! Onwards and upwards! Take care

  6. Hello Madeleine. I see I'm in at least one of your groups - Literary Fiction. We'll have to get something organised.


  7. Yeah! I love the campaign. Have a blast with it.

  8. Hi Sarah, I'm still keeping the same avatar for comments but the pic of me is on my blog header

    Thanks Li, Deborah, Christine, Old Kitty & Miranda

    Denise, yes We will have to get something organised. :O)

  9. Hi Madeleine .. enjoy the camaraderies .. looks like a great set of groupings .. cheers Hilary

  10. It's such a cool idea! If I had a bit more time, I'd be there with bells on. Enjoy!

  11. Great to meet you! Already having a great time on your blog, too! Happy Campaigning, Madeleine!:)

  12. Hey there. Nice to meet you. I just signed up and I'm in your women's fiction group. Good for you for being in so many groups. Impressive!

  13. I signed up; I participated in the Second, too, so I was all ready to jump onto this one. :) I'm excited for it!

  14. Hi Madeleine. Great list here. I'm on the romance list with you and sooo looking forward to it. Nice to meet you.

  15. I signed up too. I'm in the adult fantasy and post-apocalyptic categories. Already know so many of the people who've signed up, but hoping to meet some new folks too.

  16. Hi, I'm a fellow campaigner. I'm enjoying your blog.

  17. Hi! Nice to meet a fellow campaigner and group member! :D

  18. Hello fellow campaigner. So nice to visit your blog. Love the posts and look forward to reading much more.

  19. I've got all my groups listed in an Excel sheet so I know who I've followed and who I still need to get to! It's quite a process.

  20. *waves* from a fellow campaigner and MG/YA author! Nice to meet you! :)

  21. Four groups! Amazing. Saying "hi" from your YA group.

  22. Have not signed up yet. Guess I should go check it out.

    Tossing It Out

  23. Hi Madeleine, I am another campaigner - in you chick lit and lit fiction groups. Look forward to getting to know you better.

  24. Hi Madeleine, Another campaigner from the same groups - chick lit and lit fiction


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