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Monday, 22 August 2011

Star Trek As We Know It Blogfest

Leave your name and rank
(e.g. scienceofficergarratt) on the linky at Ellie's Blog

Naturally I chose the rank of
Captain Madeleine.S.Maddocks
of the Starship Blogger

Okay you must:
Post your top five Star Trek characters and episodes and/or films and tell us why you love them.

Warp your way over to as many of your Starfleet comrades as you can and comment on their choices.

Spread the word on all hailing frequencies, and feel free to post the image on your blog. Wear red at your peril! And remember, the needs of the many bloggers outweight the needs of the one.

Okay who do I adore:

the loveable rogue with a heart of gold pressed latinum.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who always knows what to do.
Duty first with Earl Grey Tea Hot and that sexy voice.

Commander Data and his unspotty cat Spot
Commander Worf with his long suffering growly sigh.

Spock and his raised eyebrow

To say which episodes were my favs would mean watching them all over again. I've watched Original Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation, all the films, plus Deep Space Nine and Voyager and and I think of all those Star Trek NG wins through.

I loved the 2009 Star Trek film; First Contact gave me nightmares, but I think it's a great film as was Nemesis.

I'm afraid at the risk of alienating my fellow trekkies, I absolutely loathed the Enterprize series with Scott Bakula, who seemed to be always shouting at the floors and walls; rarely giving his colleagues eye contact. I must confess I thought it was dire.

The spoof Trek film Galaxy Quest is an absolute favourite though!
Now for some singing:

Come back tomorrow for my
Spark Blogfest entry.


  1. Hi Madeleine and Ellie - never got into Star Trek - perhaps because I was out of the country at that time. Loved the Spoof Trek video though ..

    enjoy the blogfest .. Hilary

  2. Yay for star trekking across the universe!! LOL!!

    Awwww I completely forgot the Scott Bakula one! LOL!!! I guess I was too traumatised by it! LOL!

    Yay for lovely Quark and Spock's raised eyebrow!!

    But I think you as Capt is THE BEST!!! Love your pic! take care

  3. funny so far star trek cartoons...
    great list and uniform share.


  4. I must shamefully admit, I never saw that little video before, very funny. I just watched the entire Enterprise series again, he was a little scary, but amazingly enough the last season was the best.
    Nice list.

  5. OH! I remember that song! How funny! Thanks for that.
    I agree, NG for the win! That series just rocked. Captain Picard was such a renaissance man. Loved him.

  6. Ah, a ferengi earlobe rubber, ay? Data was an awesome character. And I didn't care for the new Enterprise series either...never got into it. The new movie, however, is amazing. :)

  7. Hey Madeleine. Your poem is up! http://www.my-poetry-place.blogspot.com

  8. I like how passionate everyone is about this show.

  9. Great selections. And wasn't Galaxy Quest the best? Thanks for that reminder. Makes me want to go watch it again. =D

  10. I LOVE Galaxy Quest! One of my faves. LMAO the whole trip through that movie.

  11. Spot! I forgot about Spot.

    Bad Maria.

    Great list.

  12. The original Star Trek will always be my fav, but they're all fun. :)

  13. Nice uniform! Quark was the man. I just wish Netflix streaming offered DS9 -- they've got all the other series on tap.

  14. Galaxy Quest was a riot. Forgot about the unspotty Spot

  15. Love the Star Trekkin song and video. That's classic! ANd Galaxt Quest was a fun movie to wacth. I should rent that again.

  16. Look at you in your uniform! Fabulous.

    I agree about Enterprise. The only decent thing to come out of that series was Flox!

  17. Maddie, is that you in the pic!? Too cute!

    I love Spock.

  18. haha, that video is hilarious. Jean-Luc Picard, Data, and Spock made my top five too :) I love the picture of data and Spot- that cat is so cute!

  19. Enterprise wasn't all bad. Dr. Phloxx was likable enough, and Jeffrey Combs (Weyoun and Brunt from DS9) as an Andorian lifted every episode he was in. But I have to admit the only reason I stuck with it was Linda Park as Hoshi. Loved her. Especially the episode where she went "out of phse" but her clothes stayed in phase. Youza!.

    Sorry, guy moment. :)


  20. great pic of your character! nice star trek memories
    and galaxy quest is Awesome!

  21. Quark was great fun. Love you in your uniform. Fabulous. :)

    I adore Galaxy Quest. I need to watch it again soon.

  22. Picard does have a great voice!

  23. All of this Star Trek stuff brings back memories from a loooooooong time ago.

  24. Great post - I see what you mean about sharing 4 of the 5! I do like Quark too : such a refreshing antidote to all those Federation do-gooders ...

  25. Dead on. I couldn't stand "Enterprise." From the horrible theme music to Bakula's poor stage presence. He's a great actor, but a poor captain. I loved "Nemesis" too! Not my favorite, but Tom Hardy did a great job as the villain. Plus, Troi's mind-rape scene is chilling.

  26. I didn't care for "Enterprise" either. Love your list of favorite characters, and you look great in your uniform.

  27. Hello, Madeleine. I knew this was going to happen! I never watched anything other than the original cast, but just knew that this blogfest was going to push me into watching others. Lol! Everyone seems to love The Next Generation so much that I may have to finally give it a try. :)


  28. No matter how much I didn't want to, I liked Quark too. Data is my all time favorite!

  29. Great picks. I couldn't agree more.

  30. Awesome Star Trekkin post. Thanks Captain Madeleine

  31. TNG is what sucked me into Star Trek love! I also love DSP and Voyager. Didn't get into Enterprise, either...but, I'm kind of itching for a new Star Trek series to come along... :)

    I was always on the fence about the Ferengi...

  32. Thanks for sharing in our Blogfest, and for bringing up Galaxy Quest. "Never give up, Never surrender!!"

  33. Glad you all enjoyed my offerings.

    I thought someone would pick up on 'heart of gold pressed latinum', a master stroke I though LOL! ;O)


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