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Friday, 26 August 2011

Smooth Sailing ~ RFW

This week's theme: SMOOTH SAILING set and hosted by Francine and Denise of
Romantic Friday Writers 
This challenge has a watery feel : 
A romantic punt across a lake; a romantic moonlit ride in a Venetian gondola; a cruise liner docking in /departing for some far distant land.Then again, perhaps you're a yachting enthusiast. Huge scope here for a fun piece of romantic writing in no more than 400 words.

Plain Sailing by Madeleine Maddocks
‘It'll all be smooth sailing.’ Sam had said. Helen recalled the words now with a wry twist to her mouth, as her white knuckles clutched onto the sides of the boat. Rocking to and fro like baby bunting, she was determined not to heave. How unromantic would that be on this, their second date? She watched him standing as the proud owner of this one berth yacht. His mop of chestnut brown hair had been curled into waves by the damp spray from the sea. As he lashed a rope securely, she couldn’t help admiring how competent and masterful he seemed.  As though Sam sensed her watching, he glanced up, giving her a smile that sent her insides into a different kind of turmoil. She recalled their first kiss, warm and tender. Those same sweet lips would now be moist and salty. She allowed herself to imagine him lying on the beach beside her in the sunshine, divested of all those weatherproof clothes, his broad shoulders tanned and glistening. She wondered how Sam's ex, Jody, could have left him for odious Terry, but she was grateful nonetheless. Helen also hoped she would measure up to Jody’s glamorous standards.
Sam shouted above the lapping water gesturing his hands in a mime of drinking a cup of tea and she nodded, taking a deep breath. She let go of the side of the boat and began the precarious journey towards the steps to the galley kitchen below.

“It’s great it’s not too rough for you on your first crossing” he said excitedly.
“Yes” she said with forced enthusiasm.
“You’ll soon get used to it” 
Once again Helen’s insides did a flip, but this time the nagging doubt that she wouldn’t match up to Jody spoiled the moment. “I expect Jody was great at all this” she said.
 “Yes you’d expect so wouldn’t you, seeing as her dad owns the marina”. he laughed.
“I hope I can keep up”
“You’re nothing like Jody” he said sweeping her in his arms. They rocked gently together with the motion of the boat. “And I’m glad” he smiled, bending towards her his soft, moist lips were on hers. The kiss was salty and not so much sweet as deliciously saucy!  
(373 words) MPA


  1. What a fun, light tone! I really like that. I also like the way she finds this anything but smooth sailing. This is really sweet and romantic.

  2. Awww it's lovely!!!! I like the ending - very very sweet and really romantic! Yay! Well done you! take care

  3. Hi Madeleine .. for a not keen sailor I can understand .. however for salty smooth kiss - I go for a few sails.

    Cheers - brought it all home - Hilary

  4. That was fun. I like that he sees her insecurities and reassures her. He sounds like a great leading man.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  5. I liked this entry. Different from your usual ones.

  6. Nice. I could smell the sea and feel the boat.

  7. Dear Madeleine,

    First, thank you for your kind words about my text. I agree with you. I am also glad that Sanna has a new man in her life. I'm new to RFW, so I am still learning how to write romantic/love stories. I look forward to writing about Tomas' and Sanna's first kiss! So far, they have not even been out on a date. Mostly, they have run into each other riding their bicycles (in different directions).

    I love your story! I like the irony of 'Smooth Sailing', and the contrast with Helen's near sea-sickness. It ends well. We can hope that Sam appreciates Helen's efforts. Wonderful salty kiss! You inspire me to think in terms of flavours for my characters' first kiss. Maybe I should let them have ice cream before the end of summer, or perhaps an apple!

    Best wishes,
    Anna's RFW No. 16 'Smooth Sailing'

  8. Awww, I love this couple. I need to pick me up a few romances at borders this weekend. They're so sweet. Now I want to go on a boat ride. :)

  9. Just wanted to stop and visit a fellow campaigner! Great blog!

  10. I love this. Sometimes, a lovely relationship is just that. It's nice to read about a couple being happy :-)

  11. Hi Madeleine. So glad you got to post this. I loved the descriptions of her imagining divesting him of his waterproofs and imagining his salty lips. Tres romantic. Great use of the theme. Smooth sailing indeed. Watery feel for sure.


  12. Awwww I'm glad he likes her better than Jody!
    Lovely writing, it drew me in right from the get go!

  13. Well done! I'm visiting from the Campaign - Adult-All Genres group. It's good to meet you and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  14. Oh! That was beautiful Madeleine :) A salty kiss from a handsome guy on the yatch!! What can be better than that :)

  15. Glad her initial stomach heaving turned into butterflies of the right kind :-) Like their bodies rocking with the water's motion...

  16. I'm glad he's not oblivious to her trying to live up to the standards set by his ex! Sam sounds very supportive and competent, a comforting read.


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