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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Have you heard about this Blogfest?

REN3    Check out Lisa's Flash Fiction blog for all the details. There's tons of prizes too.

I wonder if I can come up with 3 characters to present in this blogfest and then I must decide which of the 4 genres as a campaigner I should use.

I've just heard about the phenomenon of the Mary Sue from a fellow blogger Cynthia YA Writer. I hope my characters never unintentionally fall into this category.

Have you heard of this before?

And then there is also this giveaway hosted by Christine


  1. heading over to check it out - thanks :)

  2. Uh, yeah. I've 'heard of' Mary Sue ...

  3. Appears to be an intriguing 'fest! Thanks for introducing me to Mary Sue -- but I'm sure I'll forget all about her in a second or two...

  4. I used to play an online game called World of Warcraft. There are a LOT of Mary-Sues among the roleplayers there, along with their male counterpart, often known as the Gary-Stu :-)

  5. I read her post, so yup, I've heard of it. :) And I agree--I hope my characters don't end up as Mary Sues!

  6. Nope. Let me go check it out. So Mary Sues are bad? :)

  7. Thanks for the shout out! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your 3 characters, especially since you're now intimately familiar with Mary Sue :-)

  8. Mary Sue certainly isn't winning any popularity awards, is she? Poor character.

  9. So many great things going on.

    Yes, I've heard of mary sue characters. They're so sweet, they make your teeth hurt. :)

  10. I have heard of the Mary Sue character thing. I'm racking my brains as to where - one of the fab writerly blogs I follow - can't remember..!! Oooh this is driving me crazy!! Where did I read about this Mary Sue!??!

    Anyway!! Yay for this intriguing blogfest! Take care

  11. I think we heard about the Mary Sue character from the same blog. I love how we're getting so much from this campaign already.

  12. Great post. I hadn't heard of the Mary Sue character at all.

  13. Madeleine, I think I should probably further qualify the Mary Sue paradigm. I think the Urban dictionary definition sums it up best.

    "A female character who is so perfect that she is annoying. The name originated in a very short Star Trek story that mocked the sort of female characters who showed up in fanfiction. It usually refers to original female characters put into fanfiction, but can refer to any character.

    Mary-Sues are characters who are usually extraordinarily gorgeous, amazingly talented, unusually powerful, and exceedingly attractive to whoever the author has a crush on. They often possess ridiculously fancy and pretentious first names -- Angel, Raven, Jewel, Lorelei Bianca Julia Marizza Snape -- and are very, very annoying."

    I seriously doubt that anyone commenting here has created one.

  14. Thanks everyone.
    Hello to all the Mary Sues and Gary Stus out there in the world wherever you are.

    Thanks Cynthia for the information. Very interesting. :O)


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