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Thursday 4 August 2011

Errors on Page

I get this error message happening a lot when I'm loading blog pages, (including my own blog sometimes) and it got me to thinking about writing short stories and novels and getting them accepted.

When I send off a story I think I have edited and honed to its best possible version, convinced it's my best story yet.

Then a few days later I'll awake in the early hours of the morning with a clear idea how the last line should have been worded, or some other aspect of the story and I'll wonder why it has come to me now when it's too late! I wonder whether that means that the story is destined to be rejected.

Do you ever get that divine inspiration when you think your mind is at rest?

I also found out last week that Blogger allows each to us to follow 300 blogs max before it screams at you! (i.e when you click on Follow this Blog/Join this site it doesn't like you to follow more than 300) So thank you to all my new followers and of course my established ones.


  1. Hi Madeleine .. stupid me?! What do you mean by follow 300 blogs max? I'm sure I don't use blogger correctly .. hence my asking.

    Yes - I write wonderfully when I'm not sitting here typing!! Not helpful always ..

    Errors on Page - I've had blanks and sometimes get odd things .. usually when I've typed a reasonable comment .. but I then hit the back button, which allows me to resubmit and then it's ok .. or it's gone through anyway .. sometimes I lose the comment - and I just breathe deeply and do another!

    Cheers .. from a wet Eastbourne .. I suspect the cloud starts further west than you! Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary, yes we have rain here too. I have amended the post to add that when you click on 'Follow this blog', Blogger gives you a max of 300 to follow per person!

    Thanks Hilary yes I was using 'errors on page' as an anaology for story writing and editing. :O)

  3. Hi Madeleine .. before you send me to the dunce's corner! We must all follow more than 300 surely .. and ah! I've found the 'follow' tab - never used it!!

    I need to do a course in Blogger obviously!

    Sorry the errors on page .. I realised the analogy was there, but thought you were commenting re errors too! Rain has befuddled me ..

    Cheers Hilary

  4. What a brilliant analogy!

    And yes, I sometimes do wake up from a sound sleep and cringe when I realize I could have said something better.

  5. I've never gotten that error on the page thing, but lots of times when i go to comment it tells me my blogger cookie is disabled and I have to try again.

    And YES - I often think of how I could have said something better after the ms has gone off to the editor. It's a bad feeling because, like you say, you feel like it's destined for rejection!

  6. LOL, divine intervention hits me often, especially when I'm sleeping or in the shower. I'm real grateful. It's saved me from a few screw ups. Have a great day! :)

  7. Wait. 300? Oh no, I must be close to that already :(

    And yeah, I'm always getting ideas in the middle of the night on how to improve things. Luckily for me, I've never sent anything out :)

  8. I have these lightbulb moments too!! Unfortunately for me it always means my story's not gonna make it - but that's just me!!!!!!
    LOL!!!! I get really depresses when this happens and just want to crawl somewhere dark and dank and be alone! OH dear!

    Yes, blogger only allows bloggers to follow 300 blogs max but I'm sure there's a way around it - no idea though! Take care

  9. I have had that message occasionally and I have no idea why! Those moments of divine inspiration do come from time to time, I just wish they'd come more often!!

    CJ xx

  10. I always have this late realization regarding my stories. After I click on the send button I realize "Oh God, I should have ended like that or said that." Its a writerly thing.

  11. That's happened to me--particularly while I'm trying to relax or doing something else. It happens with blog posts, too. I'll remember a detail I should have worded differently or something I left out.

    I ran into the 300 max problem when I tried adding blogs from my Dashboard, but for some reason Google Friend Connect lets me follow more than 300 if I click the Join This Site on the blog itself.

  12. All the time -- right when I'm about to fall asleep, 3 a.m., in the shower, while working out, while making dinner, driving, etc ...

    I should use more brain when driving tho. :)

  13. I'm the same as M Pax - right when I'm about to drift off, bam! Inspiration hits, and I'm out of bed and back on the computer till the wee hours of the morning. It kills my sleep!

  14. I have been working on the inspiration I got actually last weekend. Haven't had a lot of sleep, but really making progress on my YA.

  15. I follow over a 1000 blogs. I don't use my dashboard anymore though so maybe that's where you are coming across a problem?

  16. Hi Madeleine,
    Oh gosh, yes, I think I've got some kind of divine inspiration when my mind is at rest. Then again, I've got a pen and paper lying on my bedside table. The pen is full and the paper is blank.
    Well done for all the 'followers' on your site. Thoroughly deserved. Whilst me, having any 'followers' is unbelievable on my shy, humble and quite right, rather unknown blog. Oh, by the way, I hate the usage of the word 'followers'. Wish they could come up with something else. Maybe something like, 'adoring fans'. Right then, I shall now go back to my rubbish blog. Cheerio :)

  17. I find my inspiration comes when I'm doing mindless things. Whenever I'm writing and I get stuck for a moment, I stop, then go do the laundry, or go downstairs and pour myself a glass of iced tea, or you know, some untaxing act that takes a few minutes so that your mind can wander. I think it's one of those things where sometimes, when you're trying to be perfect, your mind gets so stressed out that you can't truly focus. So when you're about to fall asleep or are on a long car ride or something like that, thoughts come more naturally.

    Good luck!

    <3 Gina Blechman

  18. Ray Bradbury admitted to having ideas about how to revise 'Farenheit 451' decades after its publication ...

  19. There is a limit to how blogs you can follower?!

    Divine inspiration can strike at any time, and often does after I've submitted a story.

  20. Hmm ... I didn't know there was a limit to blogs you could follow. I'm pretty sure I follow more than 300 ... I will have to research. :)

  21. My husband often wakes up with a solution to a software design problem that had been nagging at him.


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