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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Recommend a Read ~ Haiku

Hop over to Meagan Spooner's Blog
Recommend a read a maybe win a prize!

My haiku were lost
But how?I have no idea.

Blogger, how could you?

Recommend a read
A wealth of choices to make
What are your favourites?

Novel Films Blogfest
It will all be revealed soon
Hop back tomorrow


  1. Here are some of the first books I would recommend:


    But the list is incomplete - I need to add heaps more! ;)

  2. That looks like an eclectic mix, Trisha.
    Have you told Meagan your choices? :O)

  3. Thanks for the link!!! Sounds like a great way to celebrate Megan's birthday! Yay! Take care

  4. Thanks for the contest shoutout! :D And thanks, as well, for the great recommendations. :) Neverwhere is one of my all-time favorite books, so it means I definitely want to look into your other suggestions!

  5. Novel way for announcement .. clever!

  6. I so enjoy your haikus. Looking forward to the blogfest.

  7. Ah, blogfest. I love reading about them; I never participate.

  8. Oh man, I wish I knew what was going on with blogger lately!!!

  9. That first one is why I'm, scared to post with my phone.

  10. Love the sky-writing photo! Even with only one and a half words, it's still worth a thousand words;-)

  11. haha, LOVE that sky writing image! Made me laugh out loud!

    Nicely done - all 3 of them!


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