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Tuesday 2 August 2011

Novel Films Blogfest #2

This blogfest is running from August 1st - 3rd.
How many works of fiction have you seen BOTH the film/TV drama and read the original book, play or comic story?

You can view my full list in yesterday's post.

I love reading the novels on which films were based and watching the films that a favourite novel has been adapted into, though at times this can be frustrating, oftentimes it is rewarding and sometimes I confess I can prefer the film to the original novel, but sshhh don't tell the author!

Often the novel contains more insights and backstory than the film. However, I have noticed that the films can sometimes present some aspects more graphically.

Sometimes their choice of actor to play the roles can jar and sometimes they can miss out scenes that lead the audience in a different direction that can be frustrating.

At other times the changes made from novel to film can enrich the stories.

I wish I had not watched Lovely Bones as it was more upsetting and disturbing somehow than when I read the novel. I have read her novel Lucky as well.

I found that The Road film was true to the original novel which presents a typically post -apocalyptic view of depravity, violence and desolation, which made me wonder the point of the story. I'm aware its premise is what lengths will people go to to survive, but it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, nor particularly leave me with any sense of satisfaction. Had the story been through the eyes of the boy, reflecting back some years after the road journey with his father and showing how this had affected his subsequent survival and development, then it would probably have been really brilliant. (Sorry Milo et al!)

I love stories where the protagonist rises above adversity and shows their intelligence and guile. Where often one (or just a few) outwit the many.

How about you?


  1. I'm sorry Madeleine; I've been sitting on that **shoutouts post for ages and I needed to feel caught up on SOMETHING. I forgot about this. I've got my list of movie/novels, but fall short of the rest.

    I'm enjoying reading the entrants though.


  2. You're doing a great job of this blogfest - talk about dedication! hehe. Most often, I find that movies are worse than books. But one exception I can think of is The Da Vinci Code. Wasn't a huge fan of the book, thought the movie improved on it.

  3. Okay Donna, though I can't see your list on your blog.

    Thanks Trisha. I guess I've got wuite into it really. Shows where my passions lie ;O)

  4. I also love stories where characters find themselves and their strengths. It always makes me happy at the end of the book.

  5. The love between the father and son was so deep in the book, I just felt the movie fell flat in that regard. And there's no way McCarthy's cadence and mastery of language could translate to a film version.

  6. I like those last to survive stories as well. I had such anticipation for the film version of The Road and I felt it was a letdown. It was very true to the book and perhaps that was the problem. It's difficult to recreate the emotional response to the writing style of McCarthy by merely recreating the images. I thought a much better job was done with No Country for Old Men. I still need to go back and reassess All the Pretty Horses as I don't remember the movie that much, but I recall that it was not heartily received.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I especially love inpirational films, where the underdog comes ahead in the end.

  8. I think we think alike! I'm currently working through Book In A Month to get notes down for my next WIP, and after several probing questions I decided I like to write books that see the protagonist facing adversity and finally overcoming it.

    Do you think that's why I like disaster movies so much?

  9. I typically enjoy the books so much more than the films. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Often, the film version ruins the vision in my mind, which kind of ticks me off :-)

  10. The Lovely Bones left me completely confused. Both the novel and the movie. I found the novel to be hard to get through, so I decided to watch the movie to see if it would clarify some things. After the movie, I was still rather confused, but a lot more shaken up. Maybe if I hadn't read the book and watched the movie shortly after my sister's murder I may have found it to be less of a disappointment. Ah well, thems the breaks.

  11. I agree; books can put in more details about the characters and their individual stories, while movies present their own interpretations.

    Also--I should know this, but--are we supposed to post on all three days? I had thought it was just post on either M/T/W and visit others on the following days . . . but I can see several people have posted Part 2.

  12. I usually prefer the backstories in novels, but many times the visuals of a movie add another layer of meaning or understanding for me.

    I haven't seen Lovely Bones yet, but I read the book, which disturbed me.

  13. Thanks everyone.

    Golden eagle, I've added a link to this post that will answer those questions.

    I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Nina, I think that is why the film upset us so much. I know someone very close to me who has had a similar tragedy. x


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