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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Frustration as Haiku

Own a computer?
Frustration personified

Well, need I say more?

Hosted by Jenn

Dialing a number
Make your choice from the options
Now you're put on hold!
Visiting the zoo
It's the holiday season
Being watched all day


  1. Number two, one of my major pet hates!

  2. I'm with Sarah, number is a major annoyance for me!

  3. Add me to the list of favouring number 2 as a pet hate! That seems to be a weekly occurrence! Almost part of routine! And I adore the zoo observation!

  4. Both #1 and #2 fit into my daily pet peeves. These were great :)

  5. So true .... you always seem to give your Haiku a great spin these are darling!

  6. Love the first one! I can just sense the frustration...

  7. Ooh... 1 and 2 suck. Big time. >_<

  8. 1 and 2 are definitely on my frustration list ... :-)

  9. Number 3 looks like the little girl I saw at the store today. Her mother's solution was to sit on the floor of the store and do the same back to her daughter (I am assuming they were mother and daughter :)) Glad I was only a spectator! Love the post!

  10. Yup, I think you have nailed frustration perfectly!
    Wonderfully done!


  11. Oh, boy. The computer one nailed it.

  12. Great haiku. The second one is the most frustrating for me.

  13. good ones Madeleine. I like the first one the best :)

  14. I love these. The haiku about the zoo goes perfectly with the pic!

  15. Ha, love the Orangutan's point of view - they must get sick of having people peer at them all day. Well done on all :)

  16. Hello, my dear Maddie!

    I usually have a preferred verse but can't choose this time. :)


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