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Monday 11 July 2011

Dynamic Duos

I love to write and I also love to bounce ideas off other like-minded writers.
 This got me to thinking again about the solitary occupation of authorship versus successful writing partnerships.
I wonder why it is that most writers must squirrel themselves away to write secretly before launching their words of wisdom out into the world?

Think David Croft and Jeremey Lloyd; Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady; Annie Ashworth and Meg Sanders, Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Do you know of any others?

Do you enjoy bouncing ideas off other like-minds? Maybe you prefer being a solitary writer?

What do you think of writing collaborations?

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  1. I know my bestest friend and I had so much fun writing our novel together years ago! It was such a creative if a little (Oh ok alot!) inebriated and dynamic time for the two of us. Of course the finished work was so first draft - but it's birth was fantastic and very memorable!! Awwwww - we were so so young!

    Take care

  2. I like bouncing ideas off writer friends (and non-writer friends) but I've not tried writing a book with someone else. I'm more of a solitary writer but I usually try anything at least once. :-) Never say never.

  3. Old Kitty, it sounds wonderful!

    Liz, I'd love to try it too, though the authors would have to live close by for it to work. :O)

  4. Hi Madeleine .. I would love to have someone to work with .. who could see where I'm coming from in my posts, and then who could creatively use them as art .. and build out a whole load of story lines.

    One day things will slot into place.

    Interesting that it works so well .. cheers for now .. Hilary

  5. I recently entered into a new peer review partnership and I have to admit it has been a huge challenge for me. The other writer is accomplished, bright and, without doubt, knows their craft. That said, I'm having a difficult time with the writer's seeming inability to get past hard craft and into the souls of the characters.

    I am not nearly as well-read in terms of fiction, softer and tend to seek out diamonds with tenacity under mounds and mounds of coal.

    Though we've only read 100 pages of each other's work, I have repeatedly felt like throwing in the towel on the effort and am even now wondering if I will find the ability within to persist.

    We shall see ...

  6. Thanks Hilary, what a sweet comment.
    Suze, that sounds very heart-felt. Maybe you've not found the most compatable writing partner?

  7. Before I got on blogger I was a solitary writer and liked it that way. But lately I haven't been able to not bounce ideas off my crit partners since I got them! It's addictive! You know, you get an idea and work everything out until this one part so you run to them going "what do you think of this?" or "should it go this way or that to get to here?"

  8. Perhaps not, Maddie. Still, early days.

  9. Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye -- not that those Left Behind books were any good. Which one of them was to blame?

  10. How about Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett? :)

    I didn't use to read as many writing collaborations, but now I seem to be picking up a lot of books written by two authors. I've never tried writing with someone else--although it sounds like a fun thing to try sometime.

  11. I'm more of a solitary writer--but maybe that's only because my schedule's so crazy I think it might drive prospective writing partners away. :P


  12. I don't think I could write with anyone else. I don't work and play well with others. :)

    Thanks for your fun contribution to this week's Limerick-Off!

  13. Preston and Childs. The Gears. It would probably help churn out more books faster to have someone help out. Would definitely help with marketing.

  14. Well, I have a wonderful writing partnership with Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. However, I have learnt that I shall never, ever be as good a writer as her, but I do try to learn some valuable writing hints from her. I reckon that she is also about the best 'Pawblisher', around :)
    Seriously, I have had the great privilege of doing a blogging collaboration in the past and it seemed to work very well.
    Have a peaceful day. I'm off to Wales to see a bunch of folks singing and a check out a few sheep...:)

  15. While I like the complete control that writing along gives me, it's definitely fun to bounce ideas around with someone else. Even if I'm writing alone, I sometimes consult with people when I get stuck in a scene or with a plot point.

    I have a writing partner on the current WIP, and it's great because it's easier to work through problems or if I get stuck, I have someone to consult with or hand the writing off to. It works for us because we're in agreement about what we want for this story.

  16. Milo, Sounds like Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye weren't that dynamic then LOL!

    Golden Eagle, I didn't know Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett had written together, intriguing.

    Mary I've not heard of Preston and Childs.

    Krispy and Gary you are lucky to have writing partners (I expect, Gary, Penny has the final word on what is said)

    Madeleine and Nutshell, yes lots of people prefer to write alone I agree :O)

  17. This was a great question, Madeleine. I am a solitary writer, always have been. I do edit other people's work when asked.

    Since I write lyrics and music as well, I think my own head tends to work in a certain way. That's why I admire teams - Bacharach and David, Elton John and Bernie Taubin, Lennon and McCartney. And in poetry, the team of Marie Elena and Walt!

  18. I like your analogy to music collaborations. Very thought provoking :O)


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