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Thursday 2 June 2011

White Fella Film ~ Thursday tale

I decided to try a different voice. Does it work? Have you tried colloquial writing like this?

'Hey! You see bloody long white fella film? Australia?  Big white fella stars, that’s what they call film people from faraway lands. Came to our land. Land they call Australia. My people give many names for our land. Film bloody good. Hard work. Good grub. Bonza time. That Jackman fella, he a bloody good laugh. That nice Nicole lady, she one pretty lady. Little fella in film, Nullah, that me back then. One they call half caste. Before I go walkabout. Nah not walkabout in film. Real walkabout. Now I take care of family. Sing the song of the white fella film. Good memories. I’m telling ya'.

Maybe you find this style of writing doesn't flow well? 
Have you seen the film?

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  1. Well I love it and I'm convinced and I think it's fab - whoever this man is!! Yay!! I do try a tiny bit of London slang but only a tiny bit!!! Too scary!!! Yay for you though!!! Take care

  2. A wonderful creation... shared very well in yet another voice. Capturing conquered.

  3. I did write several characters in a scene speaking in vernacular far different from my own but have never attempted to assume the voice from a first-person narrative.

    I think it's a very freeing exercise to experiment in this manner. An interesting post!

  4. Hey, wow, that was really good! I don't think I could write like that...

  5. I like the voice in this piece!

  6. I am with Golden Eagle ... I like the voice. But I am not from Australia so I cannot comment upon authenticity.

  7. The voice is brilliant and well captured.

  8. Wow, what a great thing to do! This is wonderful. Like Kitty, I've only ever popped in coloquial language in little bits of dialogue. I will go and experiment with this.

  9. An interesting piece Madeleine.... I am not an expert on the Australian language but it sounds nice :)

  10. Hi Madeleine .. I'm fairly certain it's the Rabbit-Proof Fence .. which was an amazing film .. I first saw with our film society here in E/b - the guy that organises the films is incredibly knowledgeable .. so we get all the best avant garde ones ..

    and your rendition is perfect!

    The film is ... challenging - but true .. but think Berlin Wall, animal fencing in Africa to stop the wild mixing with the cattle - which and who as in Rabbit Proof Fence was there first ..

    Interesting example to explain language .. cheers Hilary

    PS - Wiki Link to Rabbit Proof Fence film:

  11. Madeleine Begun Kane5 June 2011 at 10:42

    Sounds good to me!

  12. Sounds good to me! And I know it's very challenging to do!

  13. Thanks everyone.

    Thanks Hilary. Yes I've seen the film and read the book 'Rabbit Proof Fence' and loved them both (if that's the right word). I hated what was done to the half caste Aboriginals and I'm glad the MC succeeded in escaping to freedom though not without costs each time. x


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