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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Joy Haiku

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This week's theme: JOY

Sometimes I search for images and then write the haiku, othertimes, like today, I write the haiku and then find the images to fit them. Poems should be able to stand alone without illustration, but I love to illustrate my posts. These haiku should also stand alone without the images.


Thrilling sensations
The colour of happiness
To lift up the soul
Joy, peace, harmony
A season of such goodwill
Love and hope preside.
Soaring through the sky
Lifting our spirits cloudwards
As light as the air

The wonder of Joy
A current of excitement
Blossoming within.

Cute kitty meows
Please come play with me, he says
My heart melts with joy.

I prefer to write haiku where each line is a separate stand alone sentence rather than an enjambent into the next line. What do you think?

Sorry I've been neglected blogland these past 2 days. I've had migraines like someone attaching electrodes to my scalp and then pulling them upwards or like walking under an electricity pylon. I ended up having to lie quietly in a darkened room for agess or else they'd come back!


  1. Soaring through the sky
    Lifting our spirits cloudwards
    As light as the air

    I love this one. The great thing about haikus is that they manage to perfectly capture a moment in time.

  2. I love kitty meows and play time! Even if I end up bleeding most of the time... LOL. My boy kitty has such a cute "little boy" meow. It's the "full on cressy" girl cat who makes me sting. :P

  3. Hi Madeleine .. thanks for sharing with us how you go about your posts .. I like pictures too ..

    These haikus are lovely .. and the sentence - I'll be thinking of that in future .. now need to look up enjambent ... and now need an English lesson!

    Cheers - have a good rest of the week .. Hilary

  4. PS .. I hope the migraines have 'gone' .. I'm so grateful I don't suffer .. look after yourself .. Hilary

  5. Mostly, each line should stand alone--it's just easier to read that way--but sometimes an "enjambment" livens things up!

  6. Beautiful haiku! Joy is a nice feeling to write about. :)

  7. Beautiful joyous haikus!! And of course you must illustrate them - especially if it's about your beautiful kitty!! Awww I love that haiku! Take care

  8. These are lovely summer haikus Madeleine. Are you following the #libraryhaiku hastag on Twitter? I've just discovered it.

  9. Joy - it's not just for Christmas! And hope you get rid of those migraines. Fell better soon!

  10. Lovely, Madeleine! I love the soaring, and of course the cat one too :-)

  11. The wonder of joy one is my favorite.

  12. Joy is a great topic. Something I've been thinking about today. Aww, cute kitty, indeed.

  13. I love the soaring through the sky...all of these are great. Very well done :) Happy Wednesday :)

  14. I love them all. I like when each line stands alone.

  15. I like your joy haiku. They make me smile. :)

  16. Great series of joyous Haiku ...

    RE your question at the end ... first, I had to look up the word: enjambment ... by your question, I am glad I had an idea of what it meant!! I agree with you ...

  17. Sorry to hear about your migraines. Terrible things. I do love your haikus.

  18. Your haikus always make me smile, and bring joy to my world.

    I love using images to inspire my writing, though I agree you shouldn't need them to explain the writing - they should be a nice addition.

    You have my absolute sympathy when it comes to migraines. They are horrid, evil things.

  19. I hope you're feeling better!

    I love your haiku! And the pictures you put with them are perfect.

  20. I love the last one. Cute kitty indeed! :)

  21. Love the last one the best!

    ( I think each line is suppsed to stand alone - i am not that good however.)

  22. These are beautiful and have really brought me joy today!

    Depending on the sentiment, I like both a stand alone approach AND a follow on....but that's just me!

    Wishing you better.

  23. Lovely haiku!

    Re enjambments, I think some work and some don't. I don't think it's black and white. For instance, this one of mine would fall afoul of the anti-enjambment rule, but I think it works anyway:

    Two legs — once scrawny,
    Now attractively muscled.
    The up side of stairs.


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