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Wednesday 15 June 2011

Haiku Definition

This week's theme: Definition sorry it should have been FORTITUDE, but I misread it in my tired stoopor!

ach definition
Depends on one's continent
What does it all mean?

Clear definitions
Reduce ambiguity
Clarity prevails

A series of lines
Defines us from each other
Making us unique

Line definition
A precise stroke of nature
Running through our flesh

Four of us met up for lunch yesterday
Can you guess which 4 bloggers are in the picture?
Okay so it's Tony Benson of Fireside Park, Margo Benson , Me and Ellie Garratt

BTW check out this competition


  1. I love reading your haikus. The second one is my favourite today, I think.

    I won't cheat and guess the bloggers as I've already seen that picture elsewhere. It sounded like fun though :)

  2. Great haiku - hate to be the bearer of bad news but the prompt is fortitude. Definition is there as a dictionary link for fortitude. Either way I enjoyed reading your haikus.

  3. I like all of these - you're so good at coming up with great variations on the themes. I particularly like 'A precise stroke of nature'

    A talented, good-looking bunch, eh? :-)

  4. I love your haikus. Beautifully written.

    I wonder whether I can guess who's in the picture...

  5. I agree with Sarah - the second one is my favourite.

    After reading the comments, I think I can guess a couple of names and you're one of them aren't you?

  6. Sarah, thanks, ah you've sussed the picture.
    Hey Andy, thanks yes I picked up my mistake earlier, but never mind.

    Patsy yes you are right

    Tony and Margo good to see you yesterday :O)

  7. I've just been visiting over at Margo Benson's blog so I know who is who here!! Yay!! You all look FANTASTIC and utterly gorgeous!!

    Lovely definite and defining haikus!!! Take care

  8. Oh, no. Not a picture of me. Actually, it was a fabulous day and I've already printed a copy of the one you sent me. I shall put it on the wall by my writing desk to motivate me.

    Loved your Haikus!

  9. How fun (!) to meet fellow bloggers for lunch!

  10. My God, you guys are such a cute bunch! It was so nice to see faces to all the people I read.

    You're lucky to be able to meet every once in a while. Good for the soul.

  11. I really like your Haikus, Madeleine.

    Wow...Tony, Margo, Ellie and you (four of my favourite online writing buddies.) You all look great. And I recognised all four(aren't I smart ;)

  12. How well your haiku fit with my Monday's shell! LOL

  13. I enjoyed your haiku!

    Nice photos -- blogger gatherings can be such fun!

  14. I enjoyed your haiku! It's great that you get to meet! Great post.

  15. Great haikus! I think I will have to go with the second one as my favorite. It's so concise and true!

    That's so great that you guys met up for lunch! It's cool that you all live close enough to do so. :)

  16. Heehee, sorry I didn't make it clearer for you. I love what you came up with though!

    Fantastic that you got to meet up with other bloggers - I've only met one other in person so far, when she came to visit from Scotland. I hope to meet many more in years to come.

  17. Very well written. I love the fingerprint one. :)

  18. I enjoyed these immensely. It is always so much fun to see how another handles a "prompt." Loved the photo of everyone too.

  19. even with the wrong prompt I liked each and every one of these!

  20. Great job and great photo!


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