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Friday, 13 May 2011

TWO Thursday Tales Flash Fiction

So, Blogger threw a wobbly. It took way longer than the hour they said to fix and they lost 2 posts and all the wonderful attached comments, so I have withdrawn my Friday post to reschedule it for later and will re-post the missing two with the comments inserted.

1. Minimum of 55 words, maximum of 777 words. Story only please, no poems :)
2. The tale should be in sync with the photo and original.
3. Link back to Thursday Tales http://talesthursday.blogspot.com/
4. AND Link to the image SOURCE.(Please don't forget this, it's their effort too that has inspired you after all!)
5. Post it anytime and share your post link by inserting it into Linkey widget. Enter the link ONLY AFTER you write/post your week's tale.
6. Try to read the others who have joined the linkey before you. An image can get different views!
7. Once the linkey expires, the post URLs will be shared as links.


The artist is Sara Vandermeulen at DeviantArt.

‘Life Support’ by Madeleine Maddocks
He could hear a persistent tweeting somewhere to his left or was it bleeping noises? Then he remembered an accident.  A tractor and a ditch. His lips were dry, as if they had been roughly stitched together across his face. The worst hangover ever would account for how his eyes felt. Someone must have ripped them out and sewn them back,  all crooked and mismatched, into holes that were smaller than normal. He dare not open them, though he imagined the worst; feeling as he did so stiff, as if he were a scarecrow with a pole shoved somewhere unmentionable. (100 words)

Picture Source: Fishermen

‘The Catch’ by Madeleine Maddocks
Their plan ought to work. The rain had stopped hammering down on their brimmed hats. It was no longer  caressing their necks like slippery mermaid fingers. Now the water was calm. The two boats were in position, the net creating rippled patterns on the surface of the water where it lay.

“Catch hold of the net firmly now.” Joe ordered. “We can do this. We can be  fishers of men!”

They were so engrossed in their task that no-one noticed their quarry, behind them, quietly wading away to shore with the crab baskets from this morning’s catch in his hands. (100 words)

jabblog said: I enjoyed both of these hugely! Wonderful twists on the prompts:-)

The Golden Eagle said:
What a last line about the scarecrow. :D
Love these flash fiction pieces!

Rachel said:
Oh, I love that last line, a pole shoved somewhere unmentionable! Unmentionable indeed!

Lynette Killam said:
Oh, these are both wonderful, Madeleine! The scarecrow story cracked me up, it's so funny...and I like the line of tension that runs through the second. The rain "caressing their necks like slippery mermaid fingers" is just a brilliant choice of words. Well done...:)

Old Kitty said: Absolutely fabulously lovely reads - thank you!!!!!! I have a soft spot for the scarecrow though!! Oh dear - to the last line!! :-) Take care x

Sharon Sullivan-Craver  said:
I visited your blog and find it absolutely refreshing. But then I love to read other blogs. I am a newbie. I do have several manuscripts. One in the process of editing and two more on the tablets. None published as yet, but I have faith and persistence..Ha ha , that's just me. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed the wry humour in these and the twists in the tales.:O)


  1. See above for the comments that were lost when Blogger went down. Thank you :O)

  2. I'm glad you reposted. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed these.

  3. I enjoyed your post. Btw..how did you retrieve the comments.Most of the comments on my post disappeared.

  4. I loved the humour at the end of the first piece, and the twist ending for the second was stunning!

    Ellie Garratt

  5. Thanks Maria, Ellie and Rachna,

    I receive the comments in my gmail inbox, so I had a light bulb moment and just cut and pasted them into the post and then added the links.:O)

  6. blogger crashed here for the entire day yesterday. i tried half a dozen time during the day, till bedtime.

  7. both stories are fantastic. :)

  8. A couple of drabbles that were very well written! :) I agree with Jabblog! Twists couldn't be perceived till they happened! :) Welcome to Thursdya Tales!

  9. Oh Madeleine!!! Blogger's taken away my comment that I wrote for you about these fabulous stories on Thursday! Bad Blogger!!!

    But to recap - loved these - esp the scarecrow story!!! Take care

  10. I loved the way you wrote the piece on the scarecrow... So much said in just 100 words :)

  11. I don't know which I like best! The scarecrow was funny and clever, but the fishermen was definitely brilliant. Great flash fiction, well done!

  12. That was a bit scary - I was convinced we'd never get logged in again. Glad to see everyone back.


  13. Two clever stories Madeleine. I'm happy to visit your site. Take Care.

  14. Love the scarecrow with the pole shoved somewhere unmentionable! What an image!

  15. LOL! I salvaged your comment Old kitty and inserted it into the post. Thanks for re-saying it though and bless you all for your amazing enthusiasm :O)


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