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Monday, 23 May 2011

Tagged Again

Having been tagged by Carla previously, today Francine of Romancing the Blog has also tagged me with some new questions. My thanks to both these lovely bloggers.

1. Do you think you're hot?
Maybe in the past.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you're using at the moment.  This is my desktop wallpaper of my 4 cats past and present

3. When was the last time you ate chicken meat?
Sunday night. Roast with trimmings

4. The song you listened to recently:

Supermassive Blackhole from Twilight film by Muse. It’s my mobile ringtone

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this?
My answers and the images I’d like to add to them

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?

The Bush from Uni days (after Kate)

and Minx (though dictionary definition for that word isn’t too flattering) because of my mischievious sense of humour.

7. Tag 3 other bloggers so they can answer these questions:

Would you like to be tagged?


  1. great answers.... and I love that screensaver!

  2. Aw, love the kitty wallpaper!

  3. Hehe. These tag posts are fun!

  4. Thanks for the tagging - am I right in thinking I'm to answer these same questions, then pass them on to someone else?

  5. You minxy Bush!!! Yay!! I love Kate Bush - now that's what I call an artiste!! Yay for being tagged!! Take care

  6. Yay! Thank you! Love the kitties.

    I think I'll do the tag tomorrow.

  7. Are those your cats? They're adorable!

  8. Awesome stuff! Love your kitties!!!

  9. Damn! I was gonna tag you...but people beat me to it. :P Oh well, moving on... lol


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