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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Spontaneous Haiku

This week's theme: Spontaneity

Summer flowers bloom
Bursting spontaneously
Bright and beautiful
Ecstatic delight
Spontaneously combusts
Wonderful feeling!

Hop, skip and a jump
I'm feeling spontaneous!
Full of joys of Spring.


  1. Yay!!!! Fab haikus of spontaneity!!! I love the bunny one!! Awww! Take care

  2. I enjoy the spontaneous nature of poetry.

    BTW that bunny is adorable! Look at that little tail!

  3. You really captured the essence of each and the pictures were spot on.

    Makes me want to go outside and breathe deep.

  4. what a delightful post, Madeleine!

  5. Me thinks that you nailed this! Wonderful Haiku.

  6. Wonderful haikus, and I just have to say. That bunny picture was too adorable!

  7. Haiku is perfect for capturing the moment. Yours, combined with the lovely photos, brought spring alive with your words.

  8. 'Full of the joys of spring.' Delightful Madeleine. I'm 'full of the joys of an approaching winter.' Is that poetic?


    Romantic Friday Writers Second Challenge - LOST - Friday 20

  9. Scientific and linguistic - wonderful combination of pictures and words. Particularly like "ecstatic", something I use on a daily basis to describe my uncontrollable excitement. Very relatable and upbeat!

  10. A delightful collection of haiku ~~ Thank you for sharing!!

  11. The first time I wrote haikus, I was in primary school :D

  12. Oh my goodness. That bunny hopping couldn't be any cuter. Love your haiku to go with it!

    Here's mine (first line borrowed):

    Rain rain go away
    You've been here since Saturday
    Six days too many

  13. Love the haiku Theresa. Thanks everyone :O)))))x

  14. Love the bunny bum, and the hand-heart at critical mass :) Nicely written!

    Glad to have you with us, and to share next week's 100th week of SHW! So exciting! Bring your friends - it's never too late to join our great haiku-ing group.

  15. Wonderful haikus. Loved the pictures too!


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