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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Sandi Shelton Interview #2

Presenting more insights from the lovely author, Sandi Kahn Shelton

A Piece of Normal: A NovelWhat Comes After Crazy: A NovelKissing Games of the World: A Novel

Maybe you have already read one or more of her novels?
Here she talks more about her writing:
Come back tomorrow to sneak a peak at her favourite place to write.

Maybe, like Sandi, you enjoy people watching and human psychology too?
I know I do.

See also Meet Sandi Shelton #1


  1. Many times, even I think elves must have entered my room and messed up my writing. Thanks for a great interview with Sandi Shelton.

  2. Fab answers - thank you Sandi Shelton and Madeleine! Ooh I don't know about being a therapist but I am generally a nosey cow so I'd probably want to listen in!! Yay for people watching!!! Take care

  3. Oh I so recognise that 'elves in the night' thing! It's reassuring to find that published novelists also have that trouble.

  4. Great interview, ladies! I could definitely get behind that people watcher job.

  5. People watching sounds like a good job, but what would the pay structure be like? Oh wait, I'm a writer. Who cares about pay structure, lol!

  6. I think writers would make great therapists because they really need to understand their characters which translates into understanding people.

  7. Ooo...I wish there was a people-watcher job. I'd apply!

    Really enjoying this Q&A.

  8. Sandi Shelton sounds like an author I want to follow.
    Yes, I am a professional people watcher, with many years of experience. I taught school for 20+ years, and have a wealth of observations. These I use in the characters in my WIP.
    Human psychology--will anyone ever unravel the workings of the brain, the psyche?
    I'll be following you.

  9. I LOVE her elves comment! I think I will be blaming them for much more in the future!


    PS. I "tagged" you! Details are on my blog. ;)

  10. I remember thinking how very observant Sandi was when reading "Kissing Games." She really helped me get into the heads of the characters.


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