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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Glitz and Glamour

Here is this week's theme for

My entry in 302 words (below)

Does this style of writing stir your emotions or does it have you reaching for your sick bag?

This is my 250th Blog post!


  1. Oh please may I have their autograph??? Yay!!!!

    Perfect red carpet glamour!!! Well done you! Take care

  2. that was glamorous and romantic. Well written :)

  3. I loved this - very glitzy, like I was right there on the red carpet with her.

    And congrats on 250 posts!

  4. Fabulous darling! Really nicely done. ;-)

  5. I loved the red carpet glitz! *sighs* And the romantic ending, ahhh!

    Yvette belongs on a red carpet...we think alike, on both sides of the pond!

  6. I see the co-stars are in accord as to how they feel about each other. Glitzy and glamorous indeed. You captured this week's theme quite well.

  7. Sick bag? Nay. "Burning with desire" is always good. And congrats on 250 posts!

  8. Well done on the 250 posts - and on this ritzy, glitzy story - I always enjoy reading about this kind of lifestyle 'cos it's soooo far from my own :-)
    All best

  9. Wonderfully captured...don't you just love it your diamonds tickle your neck? :-)

    I love escapism like this!

  10. wow - post 250? that's impressive!

    I really enjoyed your story - you captured the theme perfectly... bring on next week!

  11. Bless you brokennib, Susan, Talei, Margo, Karla, Kittie, Laura, Old Kitty (virtual autographs on their way)

    Milo, thanks for the chuckle!

    Awh thank you, JL Campbell,though should I be wincing at the use of the word 'quite' ? ;O)

  12. 250! Wow! Nice work.

  13. So now I want to know what comes next! Love your descriptions - so much personality! Glad you shared with us.

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  14. Hi Madeleine! Congrats on your 250th post! I'd hate to count mine!

    Fabulous story for the Glitz and Glamour theme. Nicely done with the dialogue too, sparkly.


  15. Hello Madeleine.
    What better way to celebrate 250 posts than with this home run!

    I absolutely love your version of the glitz & glamour. Very real imagery. Yvette definitely belongs in this kind of lifestyle...but it would all be meaningless without a touch of romance, passion & desire in the form of Haddon.

    Nicely done indeed. I hope there's more!

    See you next week!

  16. Hi,

    250 posts deserves a red carpet glitz & Glamour finale. Roll on the next 250.

    Ooh, this did the bizz. One could really feel Yvette's buzz factor, and the pure dream of one day becoming an icon herself. Lovely!!


  17. I love 'bubbling, burnished curls'! This piece is well-paced and no doubt one of the most popular ideas of glitz and glamour.


  18. Very fitting descriptions for the scene. Great excerpt.

  19. I really got a sense of being there, in front of the adoring crowd. I loved how she got out of the limo "just as she'd been taught."

    I imagine attitude and a certain amount of artifice go into looking truly glamourous.

    Well done Madelein.


  20. Phwoar! Burning with desire - what a way to end it!

    Great piece of writing.

  21. Ooo ... very sexy! Love it! Congrats on 250 posts! :)

  22. Happy 250th post!

    OMG. I want to be Yvette. I want Haddon Burbeck. Gosh. I'm feeling all faint. Can I start a campaign for more?

  23. Great story! Congrats on 250.

  24. Congrats! on the milestone. They are fun to reach. Best wishes on the next 250!

  25. Hi Madeleine .. congratulations on the 250th .. but actually I think on this little romantic entry this is what deserves the extra champers and the sparkling eyes ..

    it's a fabulous piece and I can really see the glitz and glamour and feel it's part of me - not Yvette.

    Brilliantly done .. and here's to another 250 posts ...

    Finally I said thank you on my post for your Fearless Follower award .. very belated - I should be scraping to the ground ..

    Cheers and have a great week - Hilary


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