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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogger Help Please

I can't access my blogger from my own computer but it works fine on my husband's.

However, trying to contact blogger to ask for help is equally frustrating. It is coming up with 'you can't access blogger in your own language!' written in my own language!!!
This is the screen I get when I call up my blog page:

Instead of :

Can anyone help me?  I have run Bullguard, Spybot and Malware on my computer and all seem to things things are hunky dory.


  1. I'm guessing that you have tried resetting your browser / emptying your cache etc... just wondering if it is reverting to some random half-loaded version. Mine lost all of my followers the other day, but that rectified when I cleared all cookies and re-set the browser - perhaps worth a try?

  2. I have no idea if this will help, but sometimes if you empty the cache it clears up page access problems.

  3. What browser are you using? Is it different from your hubby's computer?

    Try using different browser and see if that helps. So far mine is working on both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

    To be safe, you might want to backup your blog.

    Go to Settings
    Go to Export Blog

    That will save your blog as of that date.

    Hope it clears up soon. Good luck.

  4. Try clearing your browser history. Then restart your computer and see if the problem has resolved itself.

    Hope it's sorted soon!

  5. I'm using Firefox/Moxilla browser and I just experienced this problem. I cleared out the "cookies" and then enabled "cookies" for the blogger website. This worked for me.

  6. Hoorah! Bless you all, for coming so hastil to my aid. I cleared browsing history, enabled cookies especially for my blogsite and then logged out of my gmail account and that last thing finally wiped it clean and allowed me back in. Thanks again. Hugs and kisses and smiles (the air has changed from blue to clear again!):O)

  7. Hi Madeleine .. I can't easily comment on some blog is their comment box is embedded at the bottom of the post - yours here is separate and makes life easier.

    I need to go out of Chrome into IE .. then it sometimes works, but as above does not always.

    My other machine it will work on - but I'm not quite organised with two yet!!

    Like the comments you've had ..

    Two blogs you might like to subscribe to for info:


    http://www.blogging.robertosblogs.net/ this one Robert lives in Aus .. but is helpful ..

    Cheers Hilary