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Friday, 29 April 2011

Y: Yarns that are good

Hubby and I have just watched 3 televisations of a well known fantasy author's novels, which have sold in their millions and are, therefore, considered really good yarns. However, of the 3 we watched, we concluded that one was absolutely superb, one wasn't bad and the other seemed disappointingly dull.

For me, the best one had action throughout, humour and a good plot, but what made it stand out from the other two, was that it had a more identifiable MC with whom we could relate to and root for from the start. It was called Going Postal. My overall feeling of the other two was of slight confusion, as instead of seeming to following the MC the action kept switching to another set of characters and then another gaggle, making the story seem slightly fragmented. I began to wonder who or what I should be rooting for and I guess because I did not feel strongly enough about the apparent MC's, for one, at least, I just felt bored.

I really loved watching Going Postal. I found The Colour of Magic dramatisation rather dull and Hogfather was amusing, but less engaging than the first. Of course the actual novels may be more engaging.

There was conflict in all 3 of the stories; antagonists and protagonists. However, having a strong MC made all the difference to how enjoyable the yarn.

I intend to get the novels from the library and see whether reading them changes my opinion of the way the yarn is presented.

Have you read stories where the MC was so weak or absent that you lost interest?

What a lovely Royal Wedding and the sun decided not to outshine the bride!


  1. If you mean George R R Martin, I highly recommend the books :) I haven't seen any of the show.

  2. Thinking about it, I can't say that I have read stories where I have lost interest. Some have being more interesting then others and therefore get a second read, but not sure about quitting a book half way through.

  3. I'm interested to know which books/shows you are referring to! :)

  4. I get put off more when the mc is obnoxious and unpleasant and thoroughly unlikeable without any underlying complexities! :-)

    I am dying to know what shows these were that you watched?

    I hope the books prove to be better! Take care

  5. In "Save the Cat," Blake Snyder calls this having a passive hero.

    How does that work exactly? A non-proactive hero. Wait . . . I think I have one in my very first WIP.

  6. Sure. I put the book down. Life is too short. Why waste it on a book where I don't care what happens to the MC?

  7. Absolutely, and I can't read them for long. If a character is staid or boring it just leaves a sour taste in my mouth!

  8. Now 'Passive Hero' is an interesting term I've not heard before. I will have to research it, thanks :O)

  9. I'd love to know the books and films you're referring to!

    Did you watch the wedding? I loved every second of it.

    Ellie Garratt

  10. With the limited time available to avid reader-writers, I've started making it a point to stop reading a book if it doesn't grab me in the first three chapters. For short stories, it's got to be in the first page. And the MC has got to be intriguing enough to keep me interested!

  11. Ok, I have now given a clue for everyone by adding the name of the best yarn to the post.

    Trisha I haven't heard of George R R Martin,I will have to seek him out Thanks :O)

  12. I recently stopped reading a book because I found the MC not weak or absent (like in this case) but just plain NOT LIKEABLE (to me anyway!). What was the point in me following her story if I didn't like her?
    (Sheesh, I hope people don't even think that about my MC's!)

  13. Oh yes, definitely. But I like strong MCs. Some might say too strong!

  14. Oh yes. I read one story where the MC had a catch phrase that she'd constantly repeat. I found the phrase to be annoying and didn't like the obnoxious MC.


  15. Hi Madeleine,
    ‎'Wind-Breaking News!' Two of the Queen's corgis, 'Emma' and 'Monty', have announced their engagement. We at, 'Wind-Breaking News!', will provide details of the wedding date, as soon as we find out. Now there's a real celebration for you! :)
    Oh yes, that lovely award you bestowed upon me, shy and humble me at my very unknown blog, will be announced in my next posting.
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  16. i love the fantasy genre, but i've never heard of those books... i'm going to have to look them up :)


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