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Thursday, 28 April 2011

X: X-rated

I wonder, does anyone ever plan to be a writer of erotica as they grow up? I certainly didn't. My mind was full of romance and fantasy.

Then recently, during a womag writing workshop, I was told that most normal short stories can be transformed into erotica, so that you have an alternate source of writing income (using a pseudonym of course).
Raised eyebrow inserted here
   Okay so what have I discovered?

  1. A  sex story doesn't have to be romantic or lustful.
  2. The genre of erotica has a vast range of explicitness; some being more raunchy than others.
  3. Touch and sight are the two senses to which most people gravitate in their writing; but sound, smell and taste should not be overlooked.
  4. There’s no need to give a blow by blow description of how exactly implement A was inserted into slot B.

Here are a couple of useful links, for those of you who are tempted to try:

So, would you consider writing in this genre?

Oh and if you are wondering, Nah, I don't think I'll be writing x-rated stuff, myself.

Gosh I just noticed only 19 followers to go before I reach 400. Yay!
A Warm Welcome to all my new followers and Happy Hello to all my established followers.

BTW: This alphabet letter got me thinking how odd it is that some words start ex while others x . It would certainly change the score on the scrabble tile if it were different!


  1. I briefly contemplated doing X-Rated for the letter "X" - and saying, I don't write it, but I'll happily read it! :D

  2. Hi Madeleine .. interesting the moving in and out of genre .. I'm sure more of us could do that ..

    Very interesting idea - not that I'll be going that route! Oh well .. maybe next year .. my countryside could be X rated??!!

    Cheers Hilary

  3. Interesting post, although I couldn't figure out why Spock was pictured. Perplexing.

  4. There’s no need to give a blow by blow description of how exactly implement A was inserted into slot B.' Brilliant!

    Okay. I've just spent the last few minutes swooning over Zachary Quinto. Slapping my face with my hand to get back to reality now. No. I have no intention of writing erotica, or reading it either. I think I'm too much of a prude.

  5. I don't find the 'blow by blow' descriptions the least bit erotic, nor the crude words used in erotica novels. It's a total turn-off for me!

  6. LOL I spelt out 'raised eyebrow here' on my post in brackets, next to the picture of young Spock Zachary Quinto and then decided it wasn't necessary. I guess it must have been :O)

  7. I agree with Ellie...I too have no intention of either writing or reading erotica. Happy writing Middle Grade fiction.

    Hope your health is doing good.

  8. I like writing poetry with a bit of a steamy erotic edge. But I usually don't post that stuff to my website. Just keep it on my computer or submit it elsewhere.

  9. Oh gosh I love writing erotica!!! I've got a few short stories I'm developing but it's definitely a skill all on its own and one I'm enjoying researching and learning to develop! LOL!!

    Thanks for the lovely links!!

    Take care

  10. Maybe you'll reach 400 followers with this title! Good luck. (New follower!)

  11. It is not really my style.

    Congratulations on the near 400!

  12. I'd love to be able, but I can't write about sex without feeling like my mum is peering over my shoulder!

    My Blog is Down So I'm Temporarily Here

  13. Really Old Kitty and Angela? I'm glad you both happily do. Good for you!

    I wouldn't imagine my mum leaning over my shoulder, Talli LOL!

    Paula, just read your post. Now that's what I call X-hot, hot, hot!!

  14. Thank you Darlene and to all my new recuits.

    Bless you Rachna. I am steadily improving, blood tests confirm this. Now I must juggle my doasage so I don't tip over the other way and develop hypo-thyroidism. :O)

  15. Being a teacher and a prude, I can guarantee you that I will never be writing erotica. It's hard enough to put a curse word in a manuscript.

    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I got you up to 384. You just need to find 16 others to get you the rest of the way. Good luck!


  16. My romance novel contains sex but I can't write erotica. There is a fine line I follow for wording. I guess I'm too prudish.

  17. Quite an interesting post. Please do visit my blog and leave your footprints behind by posting comments:-



  18. Scrabble gets me every time! Darn that X letter. I think it takes a certain person with a certain idea or tone that they would like for their book to go. If it is a little more on the edge, erotica on. But, I don't think anyone particularly goes looking for that style of writing.


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