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Tuesday 26 April 2011

V: Voice

Have you found your authorial voice?

Experimenting with different literary styles may help you find you voice.

To a certain extent genre defines voice
Can you guess the genre of this Excerpt 1:

And this Excerpt 2:

And this Excerpt 3:

Voice is considered the most elusive element of good writing.

It represents the special quality or character of the language, words, speech, expression, feeling and opinion, plus mood and atmospheric setting of your novel.

Absorbing yourself in the genre will help you develop your voice / style of writing.

Okay, so answers below. You may have even guessed the authors?:


  1. Voice is so hard to help peopel with, it develops over time and the writer is the only one who can really say if they're happy with it or not. Tricky.

    Moody Writing

  2. I think lack of voice is one problem I don't have - I've got lots of other problems though. LOL.

  3. I've always thought of 'voice' being the style of writing - which can differ, not just from one writer to another, but also when you are writing different things. My 'voice' in my emails to friends is differnt from my 'voice' in my novels, but it's still me.

  4. Liked your Voice post - I'm not very good at genres, but would say 1st is historical romance? 3rd, sci fi - and maybe 2 is aimed at younger readers? Fun exercise - even if I have got it all wrong :-)
    My ears, I expect, not the authors' voices!
    Thanks for a brow-knitting V post

  5. Great examples of different voices and genres.

    I'd say I'm still struggling to define my voice, as I'm torn between writing poetic almost dream like writing and the shorter, less poetic, style of science fiction. I think my voice lies somewhere in between. Now all I need to do is capture it!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. I think an author finally finds their voice when they've mastered a certain degree of command and confidence in their writing and the story they are telling. A good voice is obvious from the first paragraph. And, yeah, hard to grasp right away for most writers. It takes time to develop.

  7. I got the second one - only cos it's a book I read!

    What fab samples of authoratative writerly voices!! Being submerged in one's genre is definitely a must and it's something I'm yet learning! take care

  8. Thanks all. Voice is a hard one to crack. I agree.

    Paula, yes one's own writing voice shuld be unique, though it should also fit with your chosen genre's style of voice.

    Brilliant suggestions Karla, though the last one is more adult Sci Fi than teen :O)

  9. Great advice on voice. It was my choice for today too. You explain it perfectly.

  10. It took me awhile and some experimentation to find mind, but I think (I hope!) I've got it now.

  11. Great exercise!! :D It's so hard to pinpoint voice, it's so intangible really. But it's also so very important.

  12. Hi Madeleine .. I've been told not to change my 'voice' on my blog .. it's just the way it's developed and it seems to resonate - though I'm sure I'd have to change if I ever wrote a book ..

    Everything we read has to have that background aura about it .. so we receive or hear the information in a particular ongoing style .. and know if we pick up a book by an author .. that's the feel we'll get when we start reading.

    Perhaps that's why some authors have pen names - so they can write differently ..

    I get tired sometimes of reading some authors .. it's too much the same .. I need a different something!

    Cheers .. and I thought I had nothing to say .. oh well - the voice is here!! Hilary

  13. Wonderful excerpts, learned a lot from them. Voice is indeed important. Loved your post.

  14. Yes Hilary. Excellent point. I know of 2 such people who feel the freedom of writing under psuedonyms which helps them change their voice to fit the genre. :O)

  15. I wish there had been more Dirk novels.

  16. I picked Douglas Adams! Hehehe
    Great examples of voice vs genre.

  17. Wonderful example of voice....

    Without a strong voice, the reading is just so so.

  18. Great piece on voice! I had never heard of Douglas Adams' books outside the Hitchhiker series.

    Good luck on the last days of the A to Z Challenge!


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