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Monday, 25 April 2011

U: Unlikely Heroes and Heroines

The 10th KingdomScott Cohen as Wolf in The 10th Kingdom was imprisoned in the Snow White Memorial Prison for sheep worrying, he is released by the Evil Queen after he swears allegiance to her. However, when he teams up with Virginia and Tony, he doesn't want Virginia to leave. At the same time, he must keep his deal with the Evil Queen hidden from them and protect their identities from her. He must also do what he can to keep his wolfish nature in check.

Hermione Granger starts out as a bookish school girl in
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
and becomes a key protagonist throughout the 7 books.

 Something to think about when designing our own MC's

Do you love any unlikely heroes/heroines of novels and films?


  1. I love them! It's a bit of a condition of the British that we love the underdog! I enjoy seeing a character exceeding everyone's expectations by being braver or stronger or smarter than anyone gave them credit for.

  2. Oh the more unlikely the better!! Yay! At the moment as I'm all so excited and very happy with the new series of Dr Who - I'd say Rory, who started off last year as a bit of a nerdy cowardly third wheel but has really come into his own and adds such a positivie dynamic to the Dr. Who/Amelia Pond dynamic! Take care

  3. I agree - there's something so heartwarming about an unlikely hero/heroine coming up trumps - it's what makes a story for me :-)

  4. Yes, I really do - I LOVE how Neville became all bad-ass, and also Wesley from the Angel/Buffy series. He turned out so awesomely heroic.

  5. I must admit I have a strong liking of anti-heroes - the ones who start off bad but come good in the end!

    Ellie Garratt

  6. Those are great! I love Captain Jack in Pirates of the caribbean. He's kind of an unlikely hero too.

  7. It's great when you find an unlikely hero with only one useless skill that ends up saving the day.
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  8. I love an unlikely hero! I have a couple in my current WiPs.

  9. I do like an unlikely hero (Severus Snape - lovely, lovely Alan Rickman - springs to mind).


  10. Ooh, ooh, ooh, Neville Longbottom! He was SUCH a wimpy kid in the beginning and he totally rocked leading all the DA members at the end after Harry, Ron and Hermione left Hogwarts on the run.

  11. Yes Rory in Doc Who and Rocky in Boon

    Yes yes Neville. I wanted to mention him but didn't want to put a spoiler out before the last film for those who haven't read the books. Also with Severus Snape.

    I love Captain Jack too :O)

  12. The unlikely variety are always my favorite.

  13. Hi Madeleine,
    And how are 'U'? :) I do know what you mean about loving unlikely heroes. In fact, I can relate to this posting. Many a time I've been called an unlikely hero :) Or maybe not....
    All the best and continued fun with the amazing 'alphabet challenge' :)
    In kindness and heroic thoughts, your way, Gary

  14. I love the side-kicks. They are often so much more interesting than the heroes.

  15. Ms. Granger is such a wonderful example. How boring the books would have been without her.

  16. I just love her Character. I wish this had come out when I was younger. great post. Blessings,Joanne


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