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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Shadow Haiku

This week's theme: Shadow

Distorted image
A shadow with a story
Watch for collisions

Making hand shadows
It's entertaining and fun
Arty silhouettes.

Shadows of winterGive way to luscious spring flowers
And summer sunshine

See Q post below.


  1. I like the flowery one; we're having all manner of spring color here along the freeways in southern California.

  2. Oh wow! Lovely shadow Haikus!! I also like the luscious spring flowers one - it's just so apt and so happening now!!! Yay!! Take care

  3. I love these shadow Haiku's. I like the pics they're matched to too.

  4. I am so waiting for that summer sunshine! cute Haiku!

  5. I love the line "Watch for collisions". It opens up a lot of ideas.

  6. The sun has come out this afternoon and blessed us with a beautiful day -- I am enjoying watching those winter shadows melt. Your haiku is timely and beautiful.

  7. Ooh, the first one is my favorite. Very mysterious.

  8. Very nice ... :-)

  9. I loved them all. The first had a sinister tone to it, which was brilliant. The second and third seem very apt with the coming of spring and warmer weather!

    Ellie Garratt

  10. Nicely done! Love them all :) Sorry I'm late - been a crazy week.


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