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Thursday 21 April 2011

R: Rejection

Rejection of one's writing is one of the most soul destroying things,

But take heart:

After several rejected manuscripts, James Herriot finally hit the bookstands with 'If Only They Could Talk' in 1970.

Enid Blyton persevered with her writing despite being constantly rejected. I think I heard she had 30 rejected manuscripts.

Harry Potter and The Philopsher's Stone was submitted to twelve publishing houses, all of which rejected the manuscript!

So having had another rejected manuscript,myself, I must look to those who persevered and succeed. Or at least find my best selling idea and then write the novel.

Maybe you know of other successful authors who were rejected many times before hitting gold?
Oh and there's a great article by Marion Zimmer Bradley entitled:
Why did my story get rejected?


  1. Nice post:) The story of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, set in the South during the Civil War, was rejected by 38 publishers before it was printed.

  2. It certainly gives us all hope and teaches us to persevere. Insiprational post. Thank you!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance! Sooooo important!! I truly think that's what divides writers and published writers!

    Good luck with your manuscript!

    Take care

  4. Don't you know those 12 publishers were just kicking themselves when Rowling hit it big.

  5. Yep, I bet heads rolled at those 12 publishing houses! Perseverance, the most important tool in a writer's finished manuscript tool kit.

  6. Stephen King received a lot of rejection slips in his early years. I don't remember how many but he talks about it in his book "On Writing."

  7. So many writers I know were rejected for years before getting published. The key is definitely to keep going!

  8. So many famous writers had to start with self publishing because they were rejected. Its a long list. I Googled it once. Just think of all the $$$ they lost.

  9. We had to read "Why Did My Manuscript Get Rejected" in my college writing class. I loved it.

    As to your question at my place:
    Getting your own avatar is easy peasy -- sign up at Gravatar and the representation of your choice will appear on ALL blogs. Gravatar is universally recognized by every platform EXCEPT blogspot who doesn't play nice with anybody.

  10. One of the reason's Scarlett O'Hara was repeatedly rejected is because it was hand-written. Many of those publishers probably never even read the manuscript.

  11. I'm still looking forward to my first novel rejection!

  12. Hi Madeleine .. I hate rejection!! Really frustrating - though it's for normal things.

    I read a post somewhere today .. where the author said she just wrote and wrote for magazines, for this and that, poems etc etc and eventually was able to submit a query, with a large following, ... and that clinched it .. she just wrote out everywhere spreading her wings as far and wide as possible - and she had a disability .. so couldn't leave her desk easily .. she made it ..

    Cheers - I'm sure South Devon will make it to the top of the charts and we'll see you out there .. looking forward to it - Happy Easter .. Hilary

  13. Thanks for the inspiring and reassuring post - I hate rejection, too, but I love that buzz you get when you pick yourself up and think 'Right. Next time they'll say yes' ... and you're off again, chasing the dream ... :-)

  14. The more rejections you get will only make the acceptance that much sweeter. Great post! :)

  15. I'm right there with you, Madeleine. I just got two rejections this week and one from my favorite agent. So I'm piling them up. But it will happen when it happens. Timing is everything.

    Good luck, querying.

  16. Great post! I still have a framed copy of my first rejection letter because it meant that I was Doing It. I'm sorry to hear about the rejection - but (as I keep reading) you only need one "Yes". Hopefully you'll get yours soon!

  17. Madeleine L'Engle was rejected for many years before she finally found a home for Wrinkle in Time. It seems like I read at least 20-- at the very least. And I know of some published writers, really great ones who still have trouble getting published. It's rough out there so you have to love what you do!

  18. Thanks for all your comments on my blog, I'm very behind getting round to everyone. As for the rejection - you seem to have such a positive attitude I'm sure you'll get there inthe end :-)


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