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Saturday, 16 April 2011

N: Notebooks

Do you consider your writer's notebook to be like a private journal not to be shared with anyone?

Or is it simply somewhere to record observations, ideas, poems, book reviews, store clippings and other research to fuel your writing?

Do you have separate notebooks for different writerly things?

I have lots of notebooks and when I'm feeling organised they represent different aspects of my writing.

At other times, they merge as one gets used for other things because it is nearest to hand.


  1. Ah. Notebooks. I'm forever scribbling on them, forgetting them in odd places, and remembering the bits I had written, searching for them madly again...sigh.

    I love N for notebooks. Haven't written my post yet, and one of the commenters left it to me as a prompt. hmm.

    :) love your blog.

  2. Ah, notebooks. I don't have one, they sound like a good idea though. I might treat myself.

  3. Nobody could possibly understand the scribbles in my many notebooks, often not even me, which is annoying.
    Moody Writing

  4. I have so many notebooks and they're scattered everywhere so I don't have to go far if I come up with a brilliant idea (lol)

  5. I seem to prefer scraps of paper, or backs of envelopes - you can tell, I'm not organised! LOL

  6. The road to my newest notebook is paved with good intentions (neat plastic dividers, separating ideas, markets info etc). Sadly I can't bear to spoil that book, so everything is in my filofax, confusingly appended to shopping and To Do lists and scribbled round the edges of people's birthdays :-)
    Great N post !

  7. I couldn't live without my notebook; it has everything from bus tickets and conversation snippets to poems, pages of prose and writing group exercises. I'm lost without it.

  8. It's brilliant that you have writerly notebooks!!!! I envy anyone able to keep up one writerly notebook -but having several is just AWESOME!!!

    Yay for Notebooks! Take care

  9. "I have lots of notebooks" -- me too; 3 currently in progress + a new digital voice recorder I use to ramble stream-of-conscious ideas as I drive to work. Last week's W1S1 story was a result of said recorded rambles.

  10. I looove notebooks. I have A LOT because I can't help myself and stock up when they go on sale during back-to-school time! I keep mini notebooks for my morning pages/daily journaling. Then I have notebooks dedicated to different kinds of writing. Notebooks keep me organized!

  11. LoL most of you sound just like me.

    Jinksy -I try mot to use scraps of paper anymore as it's hard to keep them in order and find them again. :O)

  12. Notebooks, I love notebooks! I can see you must be why they're in short supply. Mine are organized by subject and project. Except for the ones that are OMG! Those are the most fun.

  13. I'm a bit anally retentive when it comes to notebooks. I use Puka pads with the yellow paper and nothing else will do. I went to buy some more this week and their price had gone up by nearly £2.00! I refuse to spend £4.99 on a notepad.

    What will I do now?!

  14. I wrote about notebooks, too! I use them for every aspect of writing and my studies. I have WAY too many notebooks. But I love them.

  15. i love notebooks... But I am glued to my computer nowadays. I generally like to sketch more than write in notebooks.

  16. I don't have much of a paper notebook, because my handwriting is so bad I usually can't read it myself. I have my notebook computers, with crazy bunches of notepad files in them - some are private and some are not.

    I'm starting up a 'Critiquing Crusaders' program, where participants in the Second Crusade can find other writers to exchange critiques with or form critiquing circles. If you're interested, come by The Kelworth Files to check it out!

  17. I'm also doing the A-Z Challenge too! So far, I'm on track, it feels good to pass the challenge halfway and know you can blog daily. You're blog is really interesting and nice! Keep it up and please stop by my random blog:)

  18. Hi Madeleine,
    Yes it's me, shy and unassuming Gary. Ah yes, notebooks. I have a notebook and a pen, on a stand beside my bed. The notebook is there on the off chance I come up with some really brilliant idea that I just must write down before I forget it. Well, the pen is full and the notebook is blank.
    And thus, in this 'alphabet challenge' or whatever it is, must have reached the letter 'N'. So, 'O', I wonder, what could possibly be next? :) Answers in a notebook, please....

  19. Ellie, my suggestions would be buy them in bulk with discount, wait for the sales, try ebay and trago, ask relative to get them for you as presents, find another style of notebook :O)

  20. Hi Madeleine .. that's my intention .. but it's usually scruffy bits of paper, or cuttings everywhere!

    I am slowly sorting my life out .. then I might just be organised to get the notebooks working!

    I quite fancy using cardXs too .. because so much changes .. a little like an address book .. easier in a cardX ..

    I guess I should do it on the machine .. in due time no doubt I will ..

    Lovely day up here .. is tomorrow (today) O for Organised? I haven't cheated or looked?!!!!!

    Cheers Hilary


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