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Thursday, 14 April 2011

L: Lovely Blog Awards

I was delighted to receive:

< this one from Reggie

Thank you Reggie

This one from Deirdra
Thank you Deirdra

From Margo Kelly
Thank you Margo

I would like to pass those awards they haven't already received on to:

Madeleine BegunKane
Rach at Rach Writes
Margo Kelly
Lisa M Potts
Ellie Garratt

Having had a few good days symptom wise I'm now feeling tired again, but I have a fantastic poet/author interview tomorrow...


  1. Wow! You deserve all these lovely awards, Madeleine. Congrats to you and the awardees.

  2. Congrats on all your awards!

    Aaah new linkies to follow!!! Kewl

  3. Congratulations on receiving all those awards. So many! Thank you for generously bestowing them on me.

  4. Hi Madeleine, thank you so much for the awards, and congrats on receiving them!

    Hope you get some great rest in over the next few days :)



  5. Congratulations with your beautiful and amazing and gorgeous awards!! Yay! Take care

  6. Congrats on your lovely awards. Nice to work them into your L word :)

  7. A bif well done to all on the awards - sorry you're feeling tired, Madeleine, but glad you've had a better few days :-)
    Take care

  8. Hi,you have a neat look with perfect indexing.Just a little of what I know shared on JP.Cheers buddy :)

  9. Congrats on the awards and to their recipients.

  10. The awards are beautiful. Works of art! Congratulations! Well deserved. And Congratulations to the wonderful blogs you have passed them onto.

  11. H Madeleine .. congratulations on the awards - good for you .. sorry you've been under the weather .. me too - finally after two weeks starting to feel slightly more normal .. frustrating during A - Z month ..

    Gosh our 'world' up here has really come out to play in this warmer weather we've been having .. I even noticed candles on the horse chestnut tree today .. I love those!!

    Cheers - and hope you come back completely to life shortly .. Hilary

  12. Hopping over as part of the A to Z Challenge. Congrats on all of the awards!

  13. Woow, congrats on all that love received...:)

    But they're well-deserved, so enjoy!!

  14. Ah thanks! You're the best! :)

  15. Well deserved awards for this wonderful blog of yours. Congrats and thanks for passing one along to me!

  16. Lovely awards! Congrats to you, and to the ones you passed them on to. Have a great writerly weekend, Madeleine! :)

  17. From one Madeleine to another, congratulations! And thanks!


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