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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J: Juicy Bits

You turn to the back of the book and what do you find?

A juicy, exciting excerpt?
A list of enthusiastically juicy comments from reviewers?
A juicy logline to get you interested?
Or A long and boring piece of explanatory prose? (Believe me these do exist)

Lisa Cardo from Writing in the Buff hosts a Friday Book Blurb fest which asks particpants to write their book blurbs in 150 words or less.   

What makes a juicy blurb?
  1. Making them short.
  2. Using attention-grabbing words and phrases.
  3. Adding question marks and exclamation marks.
  4. Leaving the reader with unanswered questions desperate to find out more.
Loglines are about 20 -50 words that sum up your entire story that makes the agent or publisher want to read on. So once again you've got to make sure it's juicy enough to excite them.

Apparently if you can't sum up your novel in this many words (1-2 sentences) then it needs revising.

Both are a way to sell your book and get it noticed among all the others.

So pose yourself these questions:
1. Who is the main character?
2. What is her/his goal?
3. What would happen if she/he didn't meet the goal?

Make sure it has:
1. A Killer title
2. An adjective about the hero. 
3. A goal we can relate to.
4. An adjective about the bad guy.

Try writing a logline and a blurb for your favourite novel. What did you come up with?


  1. Hi Madeleine .. the juicy blurbs certainly draw us in .. as does the clever cover .. and honing in on the story line is an art in itself .. succinctness is an art! Cheers - enjoy today .. Hilary

  2. I was (and probably still am! LOL) rubbish at writing loglines/blurbs in my last writing course! Truly rubbishy!! :-)It's definitely a skill I need work on so thanks for these tips and exercise! I do enjoy reading all the blurb writing blogfest participants that I come across though - very good and very clever! Take care

  3. Another good exercise! I have summaries of my novel, but I'll have to try writing a blurb.

  4. Great post and very topical for me as I'm about to write my blurb for my cirrent novel. Good advice there


  5. I meant current novel, of course ;)

  6. Hi Madeleine...I like reading juicy blurbs, but writing them makes me sweat.

    Loved the tips, its timely for me as I was planning on writing the blurb and logline of my manuscript this week. Will bookmark this post. Thanks a lot.

  7. Interesting to know the 'ingredients' of a good, juicy blurb; and how they're put together, and the explanation of a logline. Will probably never need to write one myself, but will take more notice of the ones on the books I was persuaded to buy...
    Many thanks for the post :-)
    All best

  8. Well it's a couple of years since anyone dropped by that particular blog, but thanks for visiting all the same.
    And in return, I've really enjoyed reading your tips. I find composing a blurb, or a synopsis for that matter, far more stressful that writing the whole blessed book.

  9. I love a good juicy blurb to catch my attention! I hate writing them, though...they're almost harder to do than your whole novel or short story. But done right, they can suck the reader in (and sell your book). Great "J" post.

  10. This is one of the simplist ways to write a blurb/tagline that I've ever seen. Thanks for posting it!

  11. Some excellent advice, Madeleine. I'm bookmarking this post so I can come back to it!

  12. I always pay more attention to the blurb on the back cover than I do to the front cover picture. However, last night I received the cover picture for my soon-to-be-published novel and I love it. Oh, and my 'blurb' has 103 words! Take a look at http://paulamartinpotpourri.blogspot.com

  13. It is so hard to write blurbs, loglines and pitches. Thanks for some practical tips.

    L'Aussies Travel A-Z Challenge - J is for Japan

  14. I find it so hard to condense a whole novel worth of story into a mere two lines. I'm going to need to do it super soon though.


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