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Friday, 8 April 2011


How do you choose your genre?
From what you enjoy reading yourself? Your hobby or profession? The films and TV dramas you enjoy?

The advice is to
Choose a Genre:

Contemporary romance
Contemporary fiction
Historical romance
Historical fiction
Science fiction
Women’s Fiction
Young Adult

Now pick a sub-genre and combine the two.

Then give it a unique spin. That way your novel will be more lilkely to find a place on the bookstore shelves, apparently.

You can also check out the OU Get Writing tips

Would you consider trying a different genre?

I love costume dramas, but would never presume to write one.
I watch some TV crime dramas and a lot of sci fi fantasy. I love children's books.
I read alot of Women's fiction and recently YA and chose that and YA as my chosen genre.


  1. This is a cool tip! Love the idea :) maybe I'll try for that this coming NaNo :)

  2. This is a thought that deserves more thought and more coffee. Have a great week-end!

  3. Glad I found you, I too write YA and women's fiction. I think two genres is enough for me right now though!


  4. I really enjoy writing women's fiction - it's also what I like to read, so it just seemed natural.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Hi Madeleine...hope you are feeling better now (you wrote on my blog that you were feeling ghastly). Is it the thyroid? It can be quite a pain.

    Loved the idea of picking a genre and a sub genre and combining the two. Thanks.

    My genre is Middle Grade Fiction.

  6. Awesome tip. I never really thought of trying to combine two until I came across a few authors who write science fiction with a romantic angle. It really does work!

  7. Would be interesting to try some genre mash-ups!

  8. Ooooh paranormal with contemporary fiction!! That's my genre!!! Yay!! I feel happier now - thank you! Take care

  9. My favourite reading is historical fiction - but, although (or maybe because) I'm an historian by profession, I would never presume to write one of these. The best historicals are a testament to probably many years of research, the worst contain inaccuracies, anachronisms and archaic language that make me want to scream! I haven't the patience to spend years researching, but I don't want to produce one of the latter kinds of historical novel. So I stick to contemporary romance.

  10. Oh, yes! I love reading many different genres so I want to write different genres, too. But I want to establish myself and my writing career in one genre first before branching out. :)

  11. I like combining genres. Sci fi, action adventure, technology, and even a love story. Gotta have a love story to balance out the action scenes.

  12. I always loved fantasy and never dreamed of writing anything else. Mine novel is m/g fantasy which ties into y/a. It's a series I'm working on.

    BUT, before I finished the second novel, I wrote an edgy y/a contemporary. And I loved it. So yes, it looks like I'll be writing in different genres.

  13. I think the genre chooses me. My main focus has been fantasy but I've also written YA, literary fiction and chick lit. Which ever way the wind happens to send me, I will go.

  14. I love mystery but I'm better at writing suspense/thriller.

  15. I write horror fantasy, but I enjoy reading/watching all sorts of things. (Although I must admit, I am a bit of a 'chit lit' snob. If it looks like they would give it away with the summer issue of a woman's magazine, I steer clear)

  16. Gosh - that list is an eyeopener ... As a reader, I realise I lean towards books that are a joint genre (mostly crime stories that double as love stories - e.g. Dorothy L Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey books.)
    Thanks for the post
    All best

  17. What an interesting thought Madeleine

    I naturally gravitated towards science fiction and fantasy because that is what draws me as a reader. Since doing the book blurb Friday, I have begun to wonder whether I might be able to try my hand at other genres (under a pseudonym of course!)

    Hope your health is improving


  18. Although fantasy is my favourite genre, I've branched out into other genres to stretch the creativity.

  19. I'd never read fantasy until I started writing it and I did not intend to write fantasy. I started writing and a wyvern showed up in chapter two, go figure.

  20. Everyone has a different process, but I get a basic idea and then it kind of chooses its own genre.

  21. I'd love to try some genre mash-ups! I write in a number of different genres, so I'm a bit genre-ADD... but combining them... something new to try :)


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