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Monday, 4 April 2011

C: Cats as Creative Muse

Cats make very good subjects for stories. I have written a few anecdotal tales about my cats over the years, too.
My first cat, Dill, was very intelligent and loved to watch TV especially the wildlife programmes.

His companion Comfrey was also very intelligent because he taught himself to open doors; whichever way they closed he knew whether to pull or push them to get through.

Tarragon is our Princess and a bit of a Queen Victoria at times
While Borage is cute and comical

Between them they provide some great material for stories like The Princess and the Porker and the one in The Cat below:

There are also some great blog sites featuring cats, such as Ten Lives Second Chances 

And if you've never heard of Simon's Cat, then you are in for a treat:


And to another hilarious narrative featuring a cat:



  1. I'm a cat lover and have 2 totally entertaining feline friends at home :) I must admit I haven't written about cats before though.

  2. If they could learn how to use a can opener I think we'd all be in big trouble. Cute post.

  3. I was thinking of doing Cats today too! My cat, Neko, is ever present when I write. She likes to sit with her head in the way of the computer screen, bless her. But I'll be doing a different 'C' today, and I think she'll pop under N is for Neko.

  4. I love cats and had one as a child, but no more. I married a man with cat allergies, our children inherited them, and one granddaughter's eyes swell shut within an hour of exposure. It's so sad.

  5. I think our dog, Molly, is a bit too daft to feature in a story - cats do have an air of intelligence about them!

  6. I love Simon's Cat! I was just re-watching them over the weekend (when I should have been writing...).

    I grew up with a cat and was always a cat lover. Still am, but now that I have a dog I love them too. My cat is still alive, lives with my parents. He's a fat old man now.

  7. Hi Madeleine
    I read a sweet book as a child called Tai Lu Talking, about a Siamese cat. Must track it down again. Thanks for the lovely cat post and for jogging a long-ago memory. BTW, I love the herby names you've given your cats over the years :-)
    All best

  8. Oh Oh OH!!!!! I can't wait to get home to watch these clips!!! Darn work!! LOL!!

    Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your kitties' names and very amazing personalities! Borage, Dill, Comfrey, Tarragon!! Beautiful kitties - lovely to see!!!!!!!

    Cats are so inspirational aren't they?!?!?! I so agree!! C for Cats!!!! My favourite C word!! Yay!!

    Awww thanks for mentioning my silly blog!! I'm blushing!!!! Take care

  9. So I guess the golden question is. Are you a cat lover? Do you have a cat, and if so, how many?

  10. I grew up with cats and still love them. But my husband is allergic, so we got a dog. I was not a dog person at all - there are cat people and dog people. Well, I've become a dog person and am still baffled on how that happened.

    So glad the Surprise Me button brought me here!

  11. It's not much fun being allergic to anything I know and commiserate.

    Thanks for your enthusiasm Old Kitty.

    LoL! Angela, if you read Old Kitty's comment it will answer your question and if you look back at the post you will see their dates/ages :O)

  12. I grew up having dogs and guinea pigs, but cats are cute too! I recently read "The Underneath" by Kathi Appelt which is a really sweet story about a cat and her two kittens.

  13. Cats. Those little creatures. Fun thoughts.

    You are a winner, Madeleine. Come check out your prize! :)

  14. Bless them. Cats are clever, warm, and funny!

  15. Ha-ha. I thought you wrote 'mouse' instead of 'muse' - my reading skills could use work! Those videos are hilarious. Good stuff.

  16. Cats have inspired great writers, including T.S. Elliot, whose book of poetry inspired the musical "Cats"...which I have tickets for this month!

  17. Cats are all in cahoots with anhother. And they know there is nothing we can do about. They sit and stare, mocking us, awaiting the signal and then it will be too late.

  18. Love that last video, and Simons Cat is brill :-) I have four cats.

  19. I want a cat! Unfortunately, I'm highly allergic. I'm a fellow "A to Z" blogger and I look forward to reading more from you.

  20. Simon's Cat! Awesome.

    I love that last video. :D

  21. I'm a big cat lover, and mine is a wonderful muse. I've written loads of poems about him.

  22. I love cats, but alas, my husband does not. So we have dogs.

  23. I'm allergic to the li'l felines, but I've never met a kitten I haven't liked. ACHOO!

  24. We have a cat named George. He looks exactly like Dill.

    We also have three other cats, three labs, three snakes and a tarantula.

    Busy place, my house.

  25. I love dogs and guinea pigs too and can commisertae with anyone who has allergies :O)


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