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Monday 7 March 2011

Micro Monday Framed

Welcome to another round of Microfiction Monday
courtesy of Susan at
Stony River.
Each week Susan posts a new picture and invites us
to write a story in 140 characters or less.

Trapped inside the picture for over a century, Christopher tried his best to make his descendants realise he'd been framed. (123 characters with spaces)

Grandpa Kent looked suspiciously like Christopher Reeve. Well he had been a super man, after all. (97 characters with spaces)

I'm preparing for the A-Z blogging challenge by planning and auto-scheduling posts
in keeping with my blog site theme of writing, though I'm worried about X and Z!
I look forward to seeing all the other participant's takes on the alphabet theme.


  1. I didn't see the resemblance to CR until now. Someone else said Tom Cruise. Either way, great MFs!

  2. Framed! LOL.

    Loved the first one.

  3. The resemblence is spooky! Hilarious mircofictions. It's nice to start the week with a smile.

  4. Oh wow!! He does look like the fabulous Christopher Reeve!!! Great you've been framed microfictions!!!! Yay!!!!! Well done you!!!!

    Good luck with the a-z challenge!! take care

  5. I'm very excited for the A-Z challenge.

  6. Eerie!! Good luck on the challenge!!

  7. "Trapped inside the picture" -- very cool premise! I'm scheduling my A to Z's too; 13 ready, 13 more to go...

  8. ROFL ... it's amazing how often our thought processes follow similar patterns!

    Incidentally - did you mean ancestors or descendants?!

    Great micros :)

  9. He really does look like him.

  10. Oops yes Dom, I have amended the mistake. Not as bad as the time I said Black Mariah instead of Hearse though or glut instead of dirth. :O)

  11. Very clever - both of them!

  12. Love these! Great photo too [g]

  13. You're the second writer who saw Christopher R in this pic...another one saw Tom Cruise...unfortunately I only saw a man who didn't like having a 'shotgun wedding'...
    Loved your MM


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