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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Flowing Fonts Winner

My thanks to
for their great entries

Here's what I came up with but didn't finish:

Arial Black stood in the doorway with his hands clasped around his head.
HELVETICA!” he shouted, the veins on his temples pulsating.
Georgia was used to his outbursts and looked up from her brush script,  AMAZE me!” she replied, her tone matteroffact .
“I feel like I’m running helterskelter  into a chasm ” he explained his face blanched with worry.
Vivian  leant me her Book Antiqua  and the Courier took it away by mistake.”
“Do you mean Roland?”  Georgia asked, laying her flat brush on the desk.
“No that Superfrench  woman”
I’ll get on the phone to Commercialscript bt  right away and sort it out” she said, realising the impact of what he’d just told her.
“It’ll be half way to Coolsville by now, I shouldn’t wonder!” Arial sighed  now clasping his hand to his forehead, melodramatically.
“Or Chicago !” Georgia suggested with a sardonic smile, arching her eyebrows.
Arial returned her gaze with a wounded expression and left the room.  

Dom at Writes of Passage  for his wonderful flash fiction tale

Congratulations and do email me your address, Dom, so I can send your voucher.


  1. Congratulations, Dom!

    I loved your piece, Madeleine. And the drums. Hehehe. Brilliant!

  2. Hi Madeleine
    Thanks again for the Flowing Fonts challenge and big congratulations to Dom - a deserving winner :-)
    All great fun, and I loved the start of your own piece.
    Have a great weekend!
    All best

  3. Congrats Dom!

    This was a fun challenge. Thanks for hosting!

  4. Yay!!! Congrats to Dom!!!!!! And well done everyone!!! Yay!! take care

  5. Congratulations to Dom! I read a few of these (though didn't participate) and thought it to be quite a challenge. Cool idea.

  6. This looked fun! I read Donea and thought I should have participated. After reading yours, I really wish I had!

  7. How exciting!

    Thank you so much for running the contest, I really enjoyed the challenge. :D

  8. Awesome!! Congratulations Dom!

  9. Congratulations, Dom! :)

    I love your piece, Madeleine!

  10. I've never heard of this before - what a fun challenge!


    I really loved your entry! Hi, Madeleine... Thanks for hosting such a fun and VERY challenging contest.


  12. Love the interplay between fonts. Fun!!!

  13. This really was a lot of fun - thanks, Madeleine! And congrats to Dom!! :)


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