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Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Final Count Down

It starts tomorrow, the one month challenge (except Sundays) hosted by Arlee Bird.

I have a special button on my right side bar so that everyone can follow the other blogs taking part created by
Writing Wordit Many thanks.

I have pre-scheduled the first seven posts and intend to:

1. Write on the theme of writing.

2. Post a general response to comments unless a specific one is needed.

3. Visit everyone who leaves a comment.

4. Try to visit as many other blogs from the blog roll using my snazzy new buttons as I can, bearing in mind my Über tiredness at the moment.

However, I have found if I do 'Ctrl A' the screen goes white and writing changes to blue. Hoorah!

Some blogs seem to crash when I try to leave a message or view them or the word verification pop up box bounces about for several tries before I can leave a comment, so that maybe why I might not be able to follow you back, though I try my best.

How about you are you up for the challenge?




  1. Hi,

    Good to see you're A-Zedding, too. Other than blogs I already follow I'm opting for random selection of ten new blogs per day: 800 blogs plus is an impossible daily routine.

    Shall be watching you! ;)


  2. Arg! When I get home, I have to remember to mention the linky thing from Writing Wordit!!!

    This is gonna be fun!

  3. Hi Madeleine,
    Sounds like you have a good plan for the A-Z Challenge - really hope your tiredness responds to treatment soon (maybe a quick Latte or 6 is called for!)
    All the best and happy a-zing

  4. Hard to believe tomorrow is April 1st. Where has the time gone?

    I'll be sure to stop by! Looking forward to it. :)

  5. I'll be using the buttons from WordIt too - will visit as many as I can, but not going to kill myself. Happy writing!

  6. Good luck!!!! I'll be cheering y'all from the sidelines!! Take care, enjoy, have fun!

  7. I have a similar approach! Although now that we're down to it, I wish I'd pre-written more of my entries. :)

  8. Great approach. I hate word verification and those backgrounds do the same to me. A lot of time I don't stick around to finish or comment.


  9. My brain feels tired just thinking about it, but I'll be cheering you on!

  10. I am terrified - no theme, and no idea for A!!

    Good luck :)

  11. I can't do the challenge (this time) and thanks for the tip on the screen color and text color. One of my three blogs has a red color as a back ground and I shall change it.

  12. Best of luck, I shall be a postive and supportive lurker!

  13. Hi Madeleine .. it seems it can be different browsers give different settings .. my two m/cs here work differently - please do not ask my why!

    I'm delighted about the Ctrl A .. for changing the colour .. gosh I find those too terrible to read - but I don't suffer from migraine thankfully ..

    Next month is going to be hairy fun .. cheers Hilary

  14. Greetings Madeleine,
    Oh my, a lot of folks are doing this 'A to Z Challenge'. Wishing all who attempt this to have lots of fun.
    Now me, I already now the alphabet and thus will sit back and take it easy :)

  15. How funny Madeleine because for national poetry month (starting tomorrow)I plan to post an acrostic every day in alphabetic order beginning with A I have the first 13 pre-scheduled because I knew if I didn't I would find excuses not to do it! I'll try and look in on your A TO Z challenge and see how it's going!

  16. I plan to write on writing also, Madeleine: Short Story Markets, from A to Z! =]

  17. Hi Madeleine, thanks for following my blog "Up on Haliburton Hill"--I'm really looking forward to April'a A to Z blogging challenge. It will be a stretch for me as I'm pretty busy these days. Photos will feature in my posts.

  18. Thanks so much for dropping by to cheer me in my hospital bed before the A-Z crazy busyness began! It's going to be a month of blog frenzy...


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