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Friday 18 March 2011

Can you Crack the Puzzle?

Don't tell me it's too hard?

Okay so I placed a list of three truths and one lie for you to guess in the previous post

Some of you may have already guessed correctly

As a fun challenge I have put all the truths in the word search below. The lie is the only one missing from the wordsearch.

How many can you find? NB: The words may be in any direction.

Okay I'll relent and give you The Answer:


  1. LOL! I'm loving your guesses. A couple of you I think have guessed correctly.
    I will say that balloon flights don't feel like being up high, it's much more surreal :O)

  2. I sussed it! But I won't say here - I don't want to spoil it for everyone else.

    I will say that you were very sneaky almost putting the answer in but not quite!

    Are you thinking of joining the book blurb meme over at Lisa Ricard Claro's blog?


  3. Of course all the best word searches do mislead!

    I decided to turn the book blurb pic into a micro monday as Susan seems to be offline at the moment and I'm not feeling able to come up with a complete blurb. :O)

  4. I hopeless at word searches. LOL. And I have to go to work soon. I shall stop by later ;)

  5. How clever! I'll have to do some searching later - have to run for now.

  6. I can't find the eating of squid!!!! Yay!!! You didn't eat squid!! Oh but that means hubby proposed not on bended knee but in the car!! LOL!!

    Did I get it right!??! yay!! What fun, thank you! Take care

  7. This is going to bend my mind, isn't it? Excellent! My head could do with a workout. Time to get busy.

  8. Oh dear. I'm the worst at these things. I think I'm programmed not to be able to solve them!

  9. I could say I sussed it...but that would be a lie ;) Brain imploded (it's doing that a lot lately)

  10. Hi Madeleine .. me thinks I got it? The clue is there .. cheers and I'll have to find out ..Hilary

  11. Yes you did get it right Old Kitty. Hubby has been much more romantic in other ways though.
    I've relented and put up the answers now. :O)

  12. Ha! I read carproposal backwards and forwards several times before I realised. I think these puzzlles take practise :-) Fun!

  13. Glad I waited until you posted the answers. =]
    Off-topic, but have you submitted any of your haiku to Blackdahlia (an online haiku market)? I had some good luck with them this week; might want to check them out.

  14. Fun puzzle - great way to tell us your truths!

  15. Oh! I found two before my eyes went cross-eyed. Fun!


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