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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Broken Hearts Blogfest

Broken Hearts Blogfest hosted by Dawn Embers

The broken heart scene can be flash fiction, poetry, non-fiction, anything except 5,000 words are little too long. Shorter tends to be better. The basic idea is to write about a heart breaking or one that is already broken. Show us the wretched emotions, the anger, depression, fear, whatever happens after the happy honeymooon lovey-dove V-day stuff is over and all that is left is a broken heart.

This is taken from my W.I.P. Once Forgotten and is the end of Chapter One

You can double-click the image to read it.

Does your WIP have a broken heart scene?

Would this make you want to read on?


  1. Yes, I'd definately want to read on. I need to know if Bernard really is cheating or is there a load of misunderstanding in there, in which case, their communication and trust isn't good.

    A wonderful excerpt, Madeleine.

  2. Is he cheating? Is her hurt somewhere and unable to call for help? Is it innocent?!!!!

    Bravo, well done. I'm hooked!

  3. I'm hooked too because I want to know if she's misunderstood or whether he really is cheating! Fabulous stuff!

  4. Oh wow! I love it. I'm hooked.

  5. Oh Ginny!!!! Dear oh dear!!! Bad Bernard - but I hope he has a perfectly good explanation and Ginny is just jumping to conclusions. Ahem!!! Of course I'd read on! Yay! Take care

  6. Hi Madeleine
    Yep - I'm hooked too - and intrigued as to just how bad Bernard has been. I think I sense a misunderstanding somewhere - but maybe that's a double bluff ?? :-)
    Good stuff - a great WIP, judging by the excerpt.
    Happy Writing
    All best

  7. I really, really want to read on. Your betas are lucky! Bernard sounds positively misjudged. Or is he?? Hmmm...

  8. I'm with everyone else - I'd love to read more! Great excerpt!

  9. I love the ambiguity - is he really cheating? Is there some innocent explanation? Gripping and well written.

  10. I love you line about the vicious cameo...great wording. I'm wondering what happened? Great job.

  11. Hi,

    Oh dear, trouble in paradise. Nice twist in leaving character and reader in limbo!

    Was Bernard even at a restaurant? ;)


  12. I'm dying to know what happened to Bernard. :-)

  13. Well, yeah--there's a lot of answered questions here. Well written scene of a sticky situation.

    Tossing It Out

  14. I like the way you've built up to the moment where we realise he's probably cheating so well, beginning with small annoyances and clues.

  15. Bad, evil Bernard. I'd love to see what happens when he finally comes home.

  16. Oh my, can't decide whether she's being paranoid or if B is really cheating on her... nice scene!!

  17. Hi Madeleine

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  18. Oh! I want to know more! Is he cheating or is there a perfectly (il)logical explanation?

  19. Thanks guys. I have a stinky cold and have not been able to blog or anything much.
    Thanks Dom. HOW EXCITING! :O)

  20. Thanks for entering my blogfest.

    That is an intense heart break. The call from someone else. I'm more interested in how she'll bounce back from this than what happened to the guy. It's obvious something is going on, though no guarantee what exactly, yet.

  21. New follower here. Found you through Dominic's blog. You have a really fantastic layout. Looking forward to more! :)

  22. Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm.
    I'd love to spill the beans, but I guess I'd have to say wait til the book is published to find out. Might make me actually finish it! ;O)

  23. I'll admit, I wanna know what's going on.


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