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Tuesday 8 March 2011

Back up

Did you back up your precious documents lately?

Check out Ellie's post on the latest virus

I once had my whole computer wiped by the techie people
(documents, emails the lot)
and I cried buckets!

These days you can backup your files online, which is great security for your documents in the event of something like a house fire or burglary.

Or there's memory sticks.
If all else fails...
Keep hard copies

So what are you waiting for?
Go back-up your MS's.


  1. Good advice! You never think it can happen to you till it does.

  2. Great reminder! I had a bogus virus warning pop up on my computer earlier this week, and even though it was nothing, it convinced me I needed to back up my files right away, but then I promptly forgot. I'm off to do it right now!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I try to backup once a month but I probably should do it more often. It's easy to forget but worth the few minutes it takes.

  4. I swear by the memory stick/zip drive.

  5. Thanks for the reminder. We forget the basics :backups, as we are so busy writing. We do need to save all our files.

  6. I had a hard drive crash over a year ago. Now I e-mail everything to myself. (I've had memory sticks lose their memory too--yuck!!!)

  7. I learned that lesson while I was at uni and managed to lose an entire day's worth of essay writing!

  8. Yay for the reminders and Ellie's blog too!!! Thank you - so important to do this. Also - remember your passwords! I've lost a whole 67,000 ms that I saved on disc and to this day am unable to get past the password stage despite using lots of software to unlock the password!!

    Take care

  9. I don't do this enough unless someone's pokes me with a fork.

    Off to back up. :)

  10. Almost as important is to remember to save as you go along (I am bad at this). Power cuts are more common than house fires (although I don't underestimate the disaster potential of the latter!).

  11. Love the cartoon! Too funny. I'm pulling out my memory stick right now! :)

  12. I recently did my back-ups by e-mailing my work from my one account to the other. So it's backed up where I can always get them. :-)

  13. Love that cartoon! I don't use anything like dropbox yet, just frantically email my ms back and forth to myself, if I've even changed so much as a word...

  14. I think this is a great idea. What a wonderful idea. I use a thumb drive for everything because I am afraid that my computers are going to crash, but what if my thumb drive fries...argh! *panic*

  15. I've backed up my blog a couple of times. I should probably do it again. And, oh I love my thumb drive. Thanks for the reminder :)


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