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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Write1 Sub 1 weekly check in

Okay so it's not been the best week writing-wise, though I've not had any rejections, so that's got to be a good thing, right?

I've been feeling flu-ish and lack-a-daisical and while I've felt inspired to write short snippets and scheduled blog posts, the stories themselves just haven't really taken shape enough to submit.

So this week I decided to post off some poems to a magazine, instead.

 I also wrote an enquiry to a magazine that the lovely Ellie told me about called Scribble which seems appropriate for me. This time next week I shall be in Bournemouth on a Writing Workshop. I just hope Della Galton can whip me into shape to get those stories published.

Here's hoping your week has been productive / satisfying.
I'm off to finish the ironing next.

As it is wet and windy outside I'll leave you with this anecdote:

On holiday a couple of years ago I was waiting in the queue at WHSmith to pay for my note book when my umbrella slipped sideways under my arm.
To my horror I realised I had managed to 'goose' the customer waiting in front of me and to my utter mortification realised it was also a man!  I gasped a horrified apology, my cheeks burning. He seemed to notice my embarrassment and said: "And I thought it was my lucky day!"


  1. LOL, love the anecdote. I need to kick myself in the butt writing-wise I think, cos the only ones I'm doing are stuff like these: Keep your hat on http://bit.ly/eb1DYS. Good fun to scribble, but not sure I can make a sub of it anywhere :)

  2. Hi Madeleine .. I too love the story! Queues can be dangerous places?! Excellent to hear about the workshop in Bournemouth .. sincerely hope you have fun and success - winter isn't always easy .. but at least it's warmer and we're not deluged in white stuff. In the meantime have a good weekend .. Hilary

  3. A funny story! Do you know I hadn't thought about the name of the magazine being Scribble. I'm a bit slow sometimes.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. LOL!!!!! It was so his lucky day but he didn't know it!!! :-)

    Awww I love your new blogheader!! Is that you? Hello!!!

    Take care, take lots of vitamin c and eat lots of fruit and take things easy!!!! Enjoy your writing workshop!!!! Good luck with all your submissions - you're doing great!!! Take care

  5. loved the story you added in end. :)

  6. Nothing like a good goosing. Always opens up the conversation. I try to do it to everyone I meet for the first time. At least they know early on that it can't possibly get any worse. LOL. I hope you get to feeling better. My daughter is sick with the icky's too. We've been spraying her directly with Lysol. Poor thing just coughs and coughs.

  7. Sounds like you had a week of progress (discounting the flu).
    The anecdote was priceless -- painted a great mind-picture.

  8. Great little story. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly. I hope if clears up soon.

  9. Great anecdote! Hang in there and hope you feel better soon.

  10. That's a funny story! Good luck writing, and with the submissions. I hope you feel better!

  11. Thanks everyone, well I slept well last night and woke up feeling shattered and snuffily, so I guess it's a cold that's developing. It means short bursts of blogging before crashing out in front of the TV for a bit.
    Glad you liked my Umberto umbrella story. ;O)


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