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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Truth of It

Thanks everyone for suggesting which they believed to be the lie in my first crusader challenge entry. Now I shall put you all out of your misery and tell you the answer:

• one secret: My name was originally Sara Elisabeth (note spelling of second name is also a problem in the UK) and for a number of reasons (but especially the unbelieveable rudeness that I received by those whom I tried to explain how my name was spelled/pronounced) I changed it to Madeleine Sara. I chose the French spelling and pronunication of Madeleine (rather than the US Madeline). My initials now look so much nicer as MSM instead of SEM, don't you think?

• one of your favourite things in the whole world: Costa Coffee 

• one interesting quirk:
Off-the-wall sense of humour

• one lie:
I don’t take revenge on errant spellers of my name using my cold hands.
Some say 'cold hands, no gloves!' They say the best lies have some truth in them so…

• one annoying habit: I have been known to put my shockingly cold, Raynauds hands onto hubby’s warm, exposed neck.

• one of your best character traits: I’ve been told it is courtesy (except when putting my hands on hubby's warm neck of course!)

Did anyone guess it right?
Yes Kangaroobee

I've been whirring about this week trying to catch up on chores etc that I missed out on when I was ill and now I'm exhausted! LOL! Hope you've all had a good writing week.


  1. My youngest daughter's name is Madeline Elizabeth - kind of a mix of yours. I love the spelling Madeleine, but my mother's name is Madeline so we kept with her same spelling.

  2. LOL!! I got the untruth completely wrong!! yay for Kangarobee!!!!

    Glad I wouldn't have been slapped silly for mispronouncing your lovely name!!!:-) Take care

  3. Hi Susan, yes that is fun that your daughter's name is acombination of mine.

    Nah I couldn't slap you, Old Kitty, you're too lovely :O)

  4. I too have a softness for the name Madeleine because of Madeleine L'Engle! I was disappointed when my niece's name was spelled Madeline... so I understand your choice of names. Your lie seems obvious enough now that you have revealed it (of course!)

  5. I frequently have an urge to put my cold hands on my wife's neck or back as well, but she usually wards me off. I usually have to settle for putting my cold feet against hers when we get in bed.

    Tossing It Out

  6. LOL ... very good. I still haven't posted mine - must do that tonight!

    Well, I'm sorry I thought "Madeleine" was unusual ... showing my ignorance there! (Too much exposure to american culture!)

    MSM has a very pleasing symmetry to it!

    How did your family and friends take to the change?


  7. Cute! Did you legally change your name?

  8. I agree, MSM looks much better than SEM.

    I always have cold feet and have to sleep with sock on no matter the time of year.

  9. Abby, Yes by deed poll, rather a pallava these days.

    Lee, LOL! I'm glad you understand the urge.

    Danette, Thank you. Glad you like it, though ofcourse it is much longer than writing Sara, D'oh I shudda called myself Anna. LOL!

    Ellie, I have to wear socks most of the time too

    Dom, LOL! My mother still calls me Sara, my hubby was mega against the idea at first though came round in the end and now I find it odd when people call me Sara. :O)

  10. Still, I like the idea of revenge by misspelling. It's an author's kind of revenge :-)

  11. I came from A Walk In My Shoes, and found this post about your name. I fully understand taking matters into your own hands. I had a friend in high school whose name was Elsebeth. My full name is Rayuneada and we were constantly correcting people (especially teachers) about our names. Although I must admit, I never considered the initials. Her’s would be ED (not a good choice in today’s market). Mine would be RJD, which also sounds like a medical condition.

  12. Greetings, Happy Firday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!

  13. I love Sara Elisabeth! But I get the change. People always misspell my name.

    New follower and fellow crusader! Nice to meet you!

  14. I really like all your answers. Great post.

  15. Hi Madeleine .. interesting .. it took me ages to realise everyone had quirky spellings for things & I'd be correcting them?! Now I get 'terrifeied' about how many funny names there are out there .. the old standard ones are the simplest for this old fuddy duddy to remember .. but boy oh boy do they get muddled sometimes. But I've learnt to apologise either before or after if I make a mess up?! And I do now say I'm Hilary .. with one L .... ?

    Love the sentiments here .. and if you ever want a place for your cold hands - though I realise a three hour drive is not something you'd often consider! - my mother would love your hands on her forehead and cheek ...

    Have a great week .. Hilary

  16. Loved reading your Crusader Challenge and your lie reveal! I never would have guessed you really did change your name! I've the same problem with people and my real name....

    Here's an award for you!


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