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Friday, 4 February 2011

Kissing With Confidence

So on 14th February Christina at Write Brained is holding the Just Kiss Already Blogfest.

I've already enjoyed doing an Almost Kiss excerpt for Frankie's Blogfest and so I thought  'What the hell I can go all the way this time, why not?'

And then I thought, 'I've never written a kissing scene before'.

And then I remembered my 1996 M&B fledgling MS, so I fished it out and had a look for my kiss scene...

Okay, so now I am squirming with embarrassment.
No not over the kiss scene but over using the word earnestly

So I decided to research the topic of writing kiss scenes and came across some great posts:

So what did I glean?

  1. Think about which genre I wanted to write my kiss scene in.
    It doesn't have to be a full blown romance /woman's fiction genre, it could be YA or Sci Fi fantasy for example.
  2. Is the kiss invited? Is it successful?
  3. Is it a first kiss? A longed for kiss? A placatory kiss? A stolen kiss? Long and Lingering? Quick and perfunctory? How are your characters feeling?
  4. Make sure you describe it well enough that your readers buy into it emotionally.
    Build the scene.
  5. Think about the setting to provide atmosphere and to hook the reader into the moment.
    Are they alone or in a crowd?
  6. Stimulate the senses, using smell, touch, taste, visual elements, maybe sound if it's not inappropriate or too intrusive /distracting.
  7. Try to avoid the obvious clichés
So how do you approach kissing scenes?
Is there a difference between the way men and women approach such scenes as readers or as writers?

So why not have a go yourself on 14th February
and don't forget to add your entry to Christina's Write Brained linkey.

In the meantime here's a fun nostalgia trip:

Don't forget to hop back here and read my kiss scene on 14th Feb


  1. Lovely tips on the kissing scene...might just sign up for the blogfest myself :)

    The word verification is eat hell...is it trying to tell me something? lol

  2. Thanks for the kissing tips!! :-) They are quite difficult to write! I think do I do coy or funny or out and out voyeuristic?? LOL!! so thanks for these tips! Take care

  3. Great tips! I'm writing a middle-grade novel right now, so there's no kissing scenes in there lol. But as a reader I do like romantic kisses but also sweetly silly kissing scenes, like in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series.

  4. Ooh I've not heard of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Series. I will have to look her out. :O)

  5. Ooo. . .I could kiss you. Well, not literally of course. What I mean is that I decided not to do this blogfest because I've never written a kissing scene, ever. But I need to write one for my WIP. So thank you for the awesome tips and research!

  6. I almost forgot - love your new header!

  7. I don't know if I've ever written such a scene. No. Wait a minute. Yep. An estranged husband and wife reunited while an artificial intelligence looks on... Might have to revisit that one.

  8. I'm sure there are gender differences to approaching kissing.

    I have some kissing coming up in my WIP. Will think about your tips and mark your links. Thanks.

  9. I haven't written a kiss scene. I will be back to read yours. I am interested now.

  10. Ha, it's hard writing kissing scenes without sounding cheesy. It takes a lot of re-writes for me!

  11. Oooh, a whole lot of kissing going on. Ha ha with the 'earnestly'. Now how does one kiss 'earnestly'? Sounds serious. I'll be back to read your entry!


    Publication Party!

  12. Kissing scenes are a lot of fun to write - and thanks for the tips - but they take a lot of energy when I write them. I think about them too much, and I'm not very romantic either.

    Not sure if I'm joining this or not . .

    I liked your "earnest" kissing scene. Way cool.


  13. I haven't written many kissing scenes, but when I have I can remember becoming very distracted as I tried to imagine the scene--oh, what the heck, I started fantasizing.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011


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