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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Aiming for Perfect Poetry

This week's theme: Aims, Goals, Ambitions

I had a think about how our Aims, Goals and Ambitions can be affected
by other's comments.

This poem is also dedicated to my dear friend Sharon Lucchessi, from California, who is the You in this poem, though of course it refers to anyone who supports a friend on their creative path.

Good critiques are worth their weight in gold, however, some can be crushing and choking.
I hope the metaphor comes across that internal and external validation can shape our confidence like weeds growing on our path of self belief,
the 'parent' plants of which are the critics.

I  read an article by Freida Hughes who said:

 " I regard negative criticism of living poets (whether they are beginners or not) as akin to shooting someone whose feet are nailed to the floor. No one intends to write a bad poem if they want to be a poet. Nor would I wish to crush a fledgeling creative spark that may produce something much better later, when such a spark is often so difficult to keep alight".


  1. I think that's perfect. And it doesn't just apply to writing poetry.

  2. love it! mines here- http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/12/broken-home/

  3. Awwww what a great metaphor for how writers' confidence and validation are nurtured - like fragile seedlings in danger all the time of being overwhelmed by more robust weeds!

    Lovely! take care

  4. I love your poetry and this is one of the best you've written. A lovely tribute to a friend...


  5. I must concur. I never see a reason to be negative on anyone's critique. It's all about constructive criticism.
    Loved the poem and the presentation of it!

  6. Love this poem! We can all stand some improvement so it never makes sense to me that people are unnecessarily harsh or negative about someone else's work. Constructive criticism is much better.

  7. Excellent poem :-) Good metaphor.

  8. Wonderful poem.

    We need to be careful in our critique of one anothers words/works. We have the ability to lift, encourage, and make better OR we can render that final pow to someone, crushing their creativity and their hearts.

    Nice to meet you crusader.

  9. what is perfection to the poet? is it a well crafted word that tames the rage of the philomath within?

  10. Excellent verse, Madeleine. As you said, this was indeed related to my post of yesterday. You expressed your thoughts with eloquence and just a pinch of wit.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Thanks again for such lovely comments everyone.
    I am pleased, Lee, that you picked up on the humour of the last verse. I wanted the poem to be reminiscent of trying to eradicate weeds, as they just keep popping back just like negative critiquers can. :O)


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