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Sunday 23 January 2011

Nanny's in a State! Potluck Poetry

For other entries click link.
Their linkey will be up 8pm Chicago, US time (which should be 2am Greenwich UK time here).
This week's theme: Rules, Regulations and Laws

Inevitably there are times when we hate being told what to do
and then there are others where we expect someone to come along and do things for us... 

And in the words of the Beatles, my back is getting better all the time, THANKS

I knitted a square for this poem.http://www.poetrysociety.org.uk/content/knit/


  1. I'm impressed you could rhyme palpability. Enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing :) Hope your back is feeling better.

  2. Never a truer word spoken. When did we become so incapable of looking after ourselves?!

  3. super thoughtful entry...
    you rock!


  4. Wonderful poem - so true showing the latest @it's someone else's resposibility' culture, very clever.

    You can't help but feel better with the Beatles!

  5. Elf and safety rules! LOL!!! Lovely poem! thanks for sharing it here!! Oh I hope your back is better!!! take care x

  6. sometimes rules just gotta be tossed, eh?

  7. Hi Madeleine,
    A very interesting and clever poem. We must watch out for 'The Elf and safety rules'. Could end up with 'Mental Elf Issues'.
    Take very good care and thanks for this, that and a bit of the Beatles:-)

  8. Very witty poem! You hit the nail on top. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Glad to read that it's getting better. Have a wonderful week :)

  9. Great poem, sorry to hear about your back. Take care.

  10. :) Interesting. The use of the words simply different from what I am used to reading. Happy potluck!

  11. Deep and interesting entry, mixed with few moments to leave a smile on the readers face. I like it.

    Here is mine http://scentofmyheart.wordpress.com/2011/01/23/standing-tall/

    Thanks for your time!

  12. Time to look in the mirror and see why I can't take care of me,without asking why, being accountable for others if I can, just like nanny.

  13. Very nice, well-written, and quite well-typed for someone with a sore back and a cat on her lap. ;~) The sign on the wall reminded me of a job title I once read while doing data entry on a mortgage application: Elf Training Coordinator. I never, ever want to know what that really means!

  14. Great write! Your construct around responsibility/accountability is a perfect metaphor for many of the problems that abound in this world. Very much enjoyed your clarity and specificity as well as your poetic voice. Thanks for an excellent read,


  15. HI, Madeleine,

    Glad you're feeling better,

    Another wonderful poem. I always enjoy reading your poetry. One of these days I must try my hand at it.


  16. enjoyed your poem~ here's my potluck! http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/08/04/here-for-you/

  17. Sorry about your back. Feel better.

    This is a charming post - head to toe- so to speak. Looks like you have fun with your poetry group. Fine poem with an imporant message re: responsibility. Nice work.

    Happy Poetry Potluck. Mine is here -

  18. What an enjoyable poem! I get a kick out of that clash between our desire to be free yet not responsible for anything.

    My Potluck poem: Greenzilla's Top 5 Green Deeds

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