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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Now Showing Blogfest

I thought this would make a fun, easy blogfest to start off 2011

The linkey will close on Friday 14th January 2011
You can post your entry any time between now and then.

To start the ball rolling I have composed my description of someone:


  1. Sounds like a fabulous blog fest!! I look forward to seeing everyone's entries! I unfortunately have a terrible memory and with all the writing I've doing chances are I won't stand a chance getting my entry out!

  2. Hi Jen, You've got between now and then to post something up if the muse takes you. :O)

  3. Hey, this is a great exercise! I'm in but I won't linky up until I have it ready....

  4. Glad to see you on board . I hope Mr.Linkey sorts out the maintenance problems so everyone can join in :O)

  5. "Stiff bristles sweeping across concrete" - yikes!! Now that truly is a sound and a half to make anyone wince!! :-)

    Take care

  6. I'll come back tomorrow and do one Madeleine. I've just done a "no kiss" entry for today!

    I shall have to ration my blogfests or I won't keep up with my writing schedule! At least yours is a nice, gentle writing exercise!

  7. Sorry about multiple posts - I'm struggling with links today!

    I've done my entry but Mr Linky is having a bank holiday too!

    Dominic's Now Showing

    Have a great Bank Holiday.


  8. Thanks Dom, much appreciate your taking part. Yes the blogging has me screaming at the screen at times when posts disappear and pages bounce whilst I'm trying to write comments :O)

  9. Ooo. . .I need to get a move on! I'll be back to link on Wednesday.

  10. I've just signed up, but will post something in the next few days. Fun exercise!

  11. I'm posting this in our sidebar and will (hopefully) be back in the next week to post a link to an entry! Great idea! christy

  12. Excellent, look forward to seeing them. Thank you :O)

  13. I have posted up my entry...thanks for hosting this.


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