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Monday, 17 January 2011

Voting and Microfiction

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Susan from Stony River sets a weekly
Challenge Picture each Monday,
where a picture paints 140 characters, or even fewer.
Photo prompt courtesy of her blog.
Mikio always grabbed his parasol instead of his sword when the bullies were about and it only made them taunt him more. (119 characters with spaces)

Mikio felt confident that his 007 Parasol would be a match for any Samurai sword. (67 characters with spaces)

I have done a few scheduled posts again this week and apologies if I'm being quiet at the moment, I have done my lower back in and have had some stomach bug over the weekend that hasn't quite gone, so I'm trying to take it easy now.


  1. Like both micros, but especially love the 007 idea!

  2. Love them both, not sure which I enjoyed more. I felt bad for the poor fella in the first one (have to root for the underdog) and thought the second very clever. Great MF.

  3. Wonderful microfiction entries!! Yay!!! I love them - poor Mikio!!!

    Please get better and take things easy!!! Take care

  4. Oh, I do love the 007 take! Very clever! Great MF for the day! Enjoy your week!


  5. Another BOND gadget. I think it's his best!
    Good one, I love the 007 reference.

  6. Voting! I hope you feel better soon! That really suck, being down...

  7. Cute! So sorry you had that stinkin stomach bug. And I feel ya on the back thing. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. I like number one the best, and now I feel sorry for Mr. parasol man... LOL!

  9. OO7 parasol? To be shaken, not stirred, I guess! LOL

  10. A parasol. Just what every secret agent needs. That's just too good. Thanks for the smile.

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