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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Haiku Doldrums

Prompt Theme: Doldrums 

Slumped and sluggish                                                     I'm in low spirits
Mind, body and soul stagnates                                      Feeling quite dull and drowsy
I'm in the doldrums                                                          Wading through treacle.

One bored young boy named Milo
A story unfolds.

Small creatures who nap a lot
Live in the Doldrums

Depression takes hold
Creativity stagnates
Must crawl my way out.

From the Phantom Toll Booth animation:

The Doldrums exist
In our minds and in the world
On the Equator

Calm winds meet to neutralise 
The Northern region

Sudden storms and winds
In the Atlantic Ocean
The Doldrums region 

Lethargic and sad
Seasonally affected

Then the sun comes out


  1. Was in the doldrums myself when I saw this prompt but now I'm out right in the eye of the storm!! :D

    A geographic Haiku well explained!!

  2. Doldrums definitely exist in our minds and in the world. And yes, we have to crawl our way out. Great haikus! Have a wonderful week :)

  3. So many wonderful haiku! I love 'lethargarians' can quite relate to them. I like the way you've explained the geographical nature in one.

  4. splendid, witty collection.


  5. Well these little beauties lifted me out of my Wednesday doldrums!!! LOL!! Thank you so much!!! Take care

  6. Are you feeling depressed? I hope not.

  7. Awe, you sound blue! I hope not!!!

  8. I love reading everyone's poetry on Wednesdays. Hope writing all this didn't give you the blues.

  9. Thanks everyone, bless you. Doldrums was a prompt theme chosen by the haiku organiser. .Yes I know only too well what it's like to be in the doldrums, but don't worry I'm fine today and I've now added a more positive haiku at the end to lift everyone's spirits. :O)

  10. Yay, a Phantom Tollbooth reference! :)

  11. WOW! an anthology! Loved them all!

  12. OH my GOSH!!! You flat out rock at these things!!!! Well done! I really need to read that book.....it keeps popping up here and there. It's a sign!

  13. The doldrums were pinning me down so I went to the gym and signed up for water aerobics. Now it is pain holding me immobile!

  14. I'm really feeling it today, believe me!! Wish my personal sun would come out... I loathe January.

    Great haiku! Excellent use of theme :)

  15. Beautiful work with the prompt "doldrums"...


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